Quick & Easy Tips: Leverage PlayPosit's in-designer recording, hosting and streaming solution

At PlayPosit, we recognize the importance of having an all-in-one solution for interactive video design. As such, we created our HLS solution to defragment the creation, upload, and video addition process to building bulbs (our word for interactive video) from a learner, instructor or administrator perspective.

PlayPosit’s HLS solution provides instructors and learners with the ability to drag and drop nearly any type of video or record themselves (or their screen) directly in the designer or interactions, taking away the need to use multiple tools and third-party websites. Content is uploaded in minutes directly into PlayPosit in a seamless experience so that you can focus on the important parts of course delivery -- data analysis.

Learner-made content 
Through PlayPosit, learners can employ learner-made bulbs to upload course content such as speeches, performance assessments, and more. Allowing learners to deliver their materials through one tool removes many of the challenges that could arise from using multiple technologies, saving learners time and preventing frustration.

Use case: Communication courses rely heavily on learners having the ability to deliver oral and visual content. More importantly, the approach to that delivery can be the main purpose of the course or assignment. Save learners time and energy by allowing them to record speeches and other presentations directly in PlayPosit where they can annotate, allow for feedback from the instructor, and so much more.

Continue the conversation
One of the most powerful learning tools for all learners is the ability to engage in conversation and debate with the instructor and their classmates. PlayPosit allows instructors to ask questions via self-recorded videos that then require a similarly recorded video response from learners. Additionally, discussion forums give learners the ability to engage with fellow classmates and engage in topical conversations even when the course isn't being conducted live.

Use case: Success in foreign language courses can be greatly impacted by a learner's ability to practice conversational skills so that corrections can be made and pronunciation can improve. PlayPosit allows for the conversation to continue when instructors upload a video of themselves asking questions and making statements in the language that the learner is practicing. When responding to a free response question or even a discussion forum, the learner can record and directly upload their video response. The instructor is then able to listen and provide real-time feedback. The learners can also interact with their peers through video responses, ensuring that the learner’s language skills continue to improve.

Engaging lectures
Creating lecture content can be a labor of love for many instructors, so why not use what you’ve worked so hard on? Save time and energy by uploading lectures directly to PlayPosit. After, ensure that learners are watching and engaging through the use of durational discussion forums. Instructors can even insert the questions that they would normally ask during a lecture in a format of their choice to challenge learners before they proceed to the rest of the content.

* This article only applies to Institutional license holders who are part of a license that includes direct video upload. Click here if you are interested in a video recording, hosting, and streaming solution directly in PlayPosit.