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Last week, as I was eating dinner with my family, we began chatting about the 2018 Midterm Elections. In my state, we were able to vote early and we took our kids. This experience led to many, many questions every night at the dinner table, in the car, and at bedtime. It made me wonder how their teachers were responding to their curiosity. I often think adults underestimate what kids overhear and how they process information they don’t yet fully understand.

So, I sat down and used the power of PlayPosit to create a unit on voting and elections in the United States, specifically to use before and after the Midterms. I shared this unit with many of our K-12 teachers and instructional coaches and encouraged them to copy and assign it to foster discussion about how our country works and the role we play in participatory democracy.

Teachers are busy and it can be difficult to find time and resources for covering topics like the 2018 Midterm Elections. Our team at PlayPosit is hard at work …

Get Immediate Student Feedback with PlayPosit

Students provide immediate feedback using PlayPosit embedded questions in a flipped Chemistry Class. By David Palladino
The ChallengeI Preparatory Academy is a Magnet School in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Our principal is nationally recognized Superintendent of the Year, Alberto M. Carvalho. The Vision of Mr. Carvalho for our school is providing an environment where students are 21st Century learners. Each student is provided with a MacBook Air facilitating this goal. In the Fall of 2012, I was asked to create a flipped Chemistry program at our school. During the first year of this new paradigm, I became aware that I did not have a way to monitor student engagement with the videos I provided. I became aware of PlayPosit and fully implemented it during the following school year.
The Solution PlayPosit allows me to check my students understanding of the concepts presented in the videos with both multiple choice questions and extended response questions. This helps me know where my students …

Stepping Off the Stage: Our Journey To Personalize Learning

Original article on the Canvas blog here.

As an instructor, I struggled not only with teaching content but with teaching it in a way that would inspire students to seek out new learning opportunities. At first, I was the ideal “sage-on-the-stage”-- it didn’t matter who was in the audience because I would teach identically with 100 students or 10 or even 1. The problem is that one-size-fits-all lecturing wasn’t working. Not for me and definitely not for my students. Watching yet another student disengage visibly in class signaled that change was mandatory.

To solve this problem, my cofounder, Ben Levy, and I created and deployed PlayPosit, an interactive video & audio platform, in and outside of our classrooms to step off the stage and easily personalize instruction for learners. Now, nearly a decade later, together with our partner universities, school districts, and learning institutions, we’ve reimagined the classroom experience to empower administrators, instructors and students.…

Four Ways Digital Learning Platforms Can Empower Students on IEP’s

Four Ways Digital Learning Platforms Can Empower Students on IEPs Utilizing technology to enhance the academic achievement of students with disabilities
According to the U.S. Department of Education, 13% of students in public schools are on IEPs. As more schools adopt integrated classrooms, many general education teachers are seeing a higher proportion of students on IEPs in their classrooms, in addition to other students with unique learning needs. Decades of research indicates this mainstreaming boosts student achievement for all learners, however, one of the greatest challenges of promoting success for all learners in an integrated environment is providing rigorous, differentiated materials. Fortunately, as the population of students with diverse learning needs has increased, so has the access to online systems like the PlayPosit platform. Including PlayPosit’s interactive video lessons within one’s existing curriculum can provide additional differentiation, maximize teacher time, an…

92% of students agreed that PlayPosit is helpful to their learning

The University of California, Riverside, is a public research university and one of the 10 general campuses of the University of California system with around 20,000 students.
The ChallengeProfessor Maduro wanted to find a better way to engage the students in his summer sessions rather than using traditional Powerpoint-based lectures with clickers. (find original report here) The SolutionIn response to changing student expectations, and inspired by efforts in other departments at UCR including History, Chemistry and Mathematics, Prof. Maduro was motivated to change the traditional offering of this course to having primary instructional delivery achieved solely through PlayPosit in what is best termed a 'Hybrid Model'. The ResultProfessor Maduro found that using PlayPosit not only increased overall student engagement, but also boosted average scores AND enhanced student satisfaction. Professor Maduro reported that students were rating their own understanding of the course content …

How PlayPosit is Revolutionizing

How PlayPosit is Revolutionizing Online Courses Why PlayPosit is becoming instructors’ go-to for their interactive video needs in distance learning courses
The way we see and absorb educational information is changing more now than it ever has before. Traditional 800-page textbooks are being swapped out for PDFs that students can access on their iPads or smartphones; homework now takes shape through online discussion posts rather than take-home worksheets; teachers gauge student engagement through text-in polls that show statistical breakdown of students’ comfort with a lesson’s content.

The list of technological innovations that are taking shape within -- and forever changing -- the traditional classroom goes on and on.

This is perhaps most true in online classrooms: the newer, more innovative learning environment that schools across the globe are readily implementing, especially at the higher education level. Instructors of distance learning classes are quickly turning to interactive …

People's Choice Exemplar Bulbs [Summer 2017]

Thank you to all the teachers, professors, and instructors that submitted their favorite three interactive video bulbs from this academic year!

This is the People's Choice voting page. We've narrowed the competition down to a couple dozen submissions. The broader PlayPosit community now has the opportunity to view the bulbs and vote on their favorites. Our hope is help our community learn and share best practices in a fun, engaging way.

Christina Bifulco, Morristown High School
Lisa Billeci, Enterprise Elementary School District
Carol Camp, Lexington High School

Joan Conger, White Knoll Middle School
Asha Curry, Pelion Middle School
Jonathan Fine, Eaglecrest High School

Michelle Fink, Poudre School District
Michael Flinchbaugh, JH Rose High School
Abhi Ghosh, Grand Valley State University

Nicki Griffin, South Central High School
Denise Griffin, El Centro Community College
Julia Hale, International School in Colombia

Leslie Husted, Kinard Middle Schoo…