STEM Toolbox - Using LaTex to Teach Effectively Online

The challenge in taking hard sciences like Mathematics and Chemistry online is that these languages needs to be precise. An important step in helping students develop their own understanding of these complex problems is not giving students the answers and having them reverse engineer how to get to the correct response. Or guessing whichever multiple choice answer is close to the answer they arrived at after doing their work.

A better approach is to use an online assessment tool which allows for flexibility as well as precision in submitting their response. This is particularly important as schools devote more resources towards developing STEM curriculum for distance and hybrid learners. For schools using light boxes or whiteboards to draw out complex formulas the experience is only flowing one way (Instructor to Student). In order to enable a two-way information flow between the students and teachers, or student to student, you need to give them the tools necessary to speak the langua…

How NSF-backed AdaptivePosit boosts student learning

tl;dr: With AdaptivePosit, students who were significantly behind at the start of the unit, scored on average the same as their peers at the end.

PlayPosit is currently working on AdaptivePosit, an NSF-funded platform to deliver adaptive interactive video content. These are preliminary results for one class. If you're a teacher or school administrator and would be interested in participating in the study, please email Seijin at

Case study:
Mr. Butcher is a 7th grade instructor of science in Los Angeles Unified School District. He’s a first year instructor who has just started using PlayPosit to leverage student achievement in his classroom.

Classroom statistics:
34 students (9 special education students, 25 classified fluent)

Student aptitude:
General student aptitude was determined by Mr. Butcher in an interview after the lesson was delivered. There were 4 students with high general aptitude, 18 medium, and 12 low.

Time period:
1 week of implementation in fo…

PlayPosit: Partnering with YOU to offer relevant units for immediate use

Last week, as I was eating dinner with my family, we began chatting about the 2018 Midterm Elections. In my state, we were able to vote early and we took our kids. This experience led to many, many questions every night at the dinner table, in the car, and at bedtime. It made me wonder how their teachers were responding to their curiosity. I often think adults underestimate what kids overhear and how they process information they don’t yet fully understand.

So, I sat down and used the power of PlayPosit to create a unit on voting and elections in the United States, specifically to use before and after the Midterms. I shared this unit with many of our K-12 teachers and instructional coaches and encouraged them to copy and assign it to foster discussion about how our country works and the role we play in participatory democracy.

Teachers are busy and it can be difficult to find time and resources for covering topics like the 2018 Midterm Elections. Our team at PlayPosit is hard at work …


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00:00:35Want to know more? Check out this resource on online seminars! ____________________________ 
00:01:35Social support includes sharing personal experiences and anecdotes, providing emotional support and community-building, all of which are important in building trust and an atmosphere that encourages open communication.Task management includes responsibility for planning and managing coursework. This can be accomplished through discussions about upcoming assignments, showing relevant examples, modeling expectations, sharing templates, and discussing elements in grading rubrics and performance assessment.Information exchange includes the asking and answering content-related questions, facilitating discussions, disseminating relevant content, and providing activities to support the course outcomes by using tools that will enhance learning.CLICK HERE for more! ____________________________ 
00:03:08How will you use reflection in your o…

PlayPosit Recording - Aug 26, 2018 6:25 pm

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00:00:21Why did Parliament pass the Stamp Actthey were extremely greedy and just wanted more money they signed a treaty with the Native Americans hoping that this would help them fight against the colonists The king wanted more money so that he could be ready for war Parliament thought that the colonies should have to pay for the army that was protecting them from Native Americans 
00:00:21Which of the following best explains why there was tension between the British soldiers and the American colonists prior to the Boston Massacre Both groups believed they owned the rights to the Ohio River Valley, but only British colonists were allowed to establish colonies thereThe British were unlawfully imprisoning American colonists for practicing religions other than the Church of England The American colonists opposed the unfair treatment of Native American groups by the British The American colonists were frust…

PlayPosit Recording - Aug 26, 2018 11:20 am

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00:00:07Which of the following statements best explains the economic relationship between England and the colonists during the colonial period? The colonists were free to trade with whoever they wanted Colonies were permitted to trade only with England and other colonies Colonies could trade only with France England sent over raw materials, which the colonists turned into manufactured goods and sent back to Africa in Exchange for slaves
00:00:07Why did King George III pass the Proclamation of 1763? He wanted to make sure the colonists were trading only with England and not FranceHe wanted to protect the Native Americans from being massacred by the French He wanted to protect the colonists from having their land taken away by the Native Americans He wanted to avoid the native Americans and the colonists having conflicts over the Ohio River Valley 
00:01:05For the last few days, we studied how even the  w…

Get Immediate Student Feedback with PlayPosit

Students provide immediate feedback using PlayPosit embedded questions in a flipped Chemistry Class. By David Palladino
The ChallengeI Preparatory Academy is a Magnet School in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Our principal is nationally recognized Superintendent of the Year, Alberto M. Carvalho. The Vision of Mr. Carvalho for our school is providing an environment where students are 21st Century learners. Each student is provided with a MacBook Air facilitating this goal. In the Fall of 2012, I was asked to create a flipped Chemistry program at our school. During the first year of this new paradigm, I became aware that I did not have a way to monitor student engagement with the videos I provided. I became aware of PlayPosit and fully implemented it during the following school year.
The Solution PlayPosit allows me to check my students understanding of the concepts presented in the videos with both multiple choice questions and extended response questions. This helps me know where my students …