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Teaching in the Time of Coronavirus: How One PlayPosit Partner Transformed Her Approach to Instruction and Found Inspiration for the Future

Tl;dr: A communications course at the University of California-Riverside adapted a fully in-person course to fully remote instruction due to Coronavirus-related campus closures in one week. The instructor and course succeeded through a flexible approach to remote education and found inspiration in looking to the future.  Background  Assistant Professor Annika Speer has been in the world of higher education for nearly ten years. In that time, she has taught communications courses with classroom sizes into the hundreds with multiple teaching assistants and a well-established curriculum. In short, she knew what she wanted to cover in her courses and she knew how to do it. Things ran smoothly and expectations were clear with technology seldom being used in the classroom. Circumstances changed virtually overnight as campuses across the world, including the University of California-Riverside, began to close. Courses that were already fully remote or relied on a blended instruction mod

PlayPosit Meets CARES Act Requirement for Funding Allocations

With so many institutions working to decipher if and how they can allocate CARES Act funds, our team wanted to make answering questions for those of you considering bringing PlayPosit into your learning environment a little bit easier. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions that we did not address below or need further clarification. Does PlayPosit make it possible to plan for and coordinate during long-term closures, including how to provide technology for virtual instruction for all students? Yes, PlayPosit’s instructional design platform is uniquely powerful and scalable, making it a dynamic tool for newly remote learning environments as well as more traditional classroom instruction. Content can be created and run synchronously via Zoom /Webex/Meet or asynchronously allowing learners to move at their own pace. To facilitate this creation, faculty can collaborate in the creation or dissemination of content (facilitator, co-editor, co-teacher, TA, observer roles

Spotlight on Peer Review: Promoting a Culture of Learning & Growth

PlayPosit’s new peer review platform takes our classic Learner Made Bulbs (our word for interactive video) to another level. Leverage peer review to promote and foster feedback for employees, career services support for college/career readiness, faculty in K12 (e.g. professional learning communities and/or new teacher observations), or in the classic course setting for the typical student and not only will mastery of the material be front and center, but the complimentary soft skills regarding giving and learning from feedback will be cultivated in kind. Delivery and set up are flexible depending on the target audience and goals for the exercise, like all other PlayPosit applications. This article will provide an overview of some ways  PlayPosit’s corporate, higher ed, and K-12 institutional and enterprise partners can leverage PlayPosit’s peer review functionalities. Please keep an eye out for our upcoming in-depth articles that will cover more specific examples of applying peer re

Spotlight on Access: Supporting Students Remotely in a Time of Campus Closures

Tl;dr: This article focuses on the asynchronous delivery of student services through interactive video to address concerns over equity and access in an online learning environment. The continuation of college and university campus closures has raised concerns around student services and equitable access for a growing number of institutions. Although educational institutions have been trying to maintain an educational standard and maintenance of coursework, the reality of open access to technology and resources is becoming a concern that is increasingly difficult to dismiss. Many learners are in homes where access to WiFi and devices is made more difficult by the number of individuals accessing those tools in the same home. The expectation that a learner will attend services and classes at designated times not only challenges the equitable values that institutions abide by but may, as a result, take access away from the learners who need it most. This article focuses on some of the

Spotlight on Security: PlayPosit’s Administrator Dashboard Affords Oversight & Control for Leadership Teams

*Please note that these features apply only to PlayPosit institutional and enterprise partners with admin-level privileges for their organization. Click here to request more information. When working remotely from faculty or simply trying to manage content being put out by faculty, leadership teams are oftentimes left wondering what faculty members are doing for their learners. PlayPosit created a solution that would ensure administrators are always “in the know” about their faculty’s PlayPosit content and use. More specifically, PlayPosit’s Administrator Dashboard (“Admin Dash”) provides Institutional and Enterprise License administrators with a dynamic and real-time understanding of when, where, how, and what kind of learning is taking place. Among other powerful controls, administrators can review, filter and view every piece of content, regardless of privacy settings, within their institution. They can also access instructor accounts to view data and control licenses from

Quick & Easy Tips: Leverage PlayPosit's in-designer recording, hosting and streaming solution

At PlayPosit, we recognize the importance of having an all-in-one solution for interactive video design. As such, we created our HLS solution to defragment the creation, upload, and video addition process to building bulbs (our word for interactive video) from a learner, instructor or administrator perspective. PlayPosit’s HLS solution provides instructors and learners with the ability to drag and drop nearly any type of video or record themselves (or their screen) directly in the designer or interactions, taking away the need to use multiple tools and third-party websites. Content is uploaded in minutes directly into PlayPosit in a seamless experience so that you can focus on the important parts of course delivery -- data analysis. Learner-made content  Through PlayPosit, learners can employ learner-made bulbs to upload course content such as speeches, performance assessments, and more. Allowing learners to deliver their materials through one tool removes many of the challenges