PlayPosit 3.0 Feature Highlight: Student Preview Mode for Better Understanding

We've been on a bit of a roll when it comes to new features and updates. So why not keep it up? We recently introduced a new learner preview mode that allows instructors to experience what learners see when they open a bulb. Instructors can use this feature for a more efficient workflow and to get a better understanding of premade content.

Instructors can begin by clicking preview, like before, once a bulb has been built. The instructor will now see a neat little window pop up on the upper right side of their screen that will give them the option to toggle playback mode. Clicking on this option makes a window pop up at the bottom right side of the screen. The instructor will see that playback mode is automatically set to display the instructor's view. Clicking the dropdown will allow the instructor to select the learner view instead. The new feature allows the instructor to go through the full learner experience and determine whether the embedded interactions are behaving as anticipated. Once the bulb is playing, the instructor can continue to toggle between instructor and learner view by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom right of the screen. This also allows the instructor to skip ahead to specific interactions instead of experiencing the entire bulb as a learner.

Determine not only where interactions can
be found but how they behave as well

It gets better. One of the most valuable resources for the PlayPosit community has been the premade bulbs library. Instructors in the same institution have access to bulbs built by other PlayPosit users as well as over 1 million premade bulbs that live in the PlayPosit database. Finding the right bulb is made possible by search, sort, and filter functions in the categories of creator name, subject area, title, tags, and rigor.

Traditionally, an instructor would need to copy the bulb and go through it to determine if it fits their needs. We recently covered the use of review sheet as a way to save time and streamline the process of picking out premade bulbs since the function allows you to preview the types of interactions that have been built into the bulb. Our new student preview mode builds on this functionality by allowing an instructor to enter a preview mode that allows them to toggle between instructor and student view within the bulb in order to understand exactly how each interaction behaves. This allows instructors to fully preview bulbs created by someone else before copying any of the content.

We have even more exciting updates coming up in January. Keep an eye out!

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