PlayPosit 3.0 Feature Highlight: Analytics

You asked and we heard you. PlayPosit analytics are back! And, in typical PlayPosit fashion, our team wanted to not only keep things simple but make them better. Instructors can access analytics on the top left side of the Monitor page. Simply select Bulb Analytics to view information on completion status, grading status, average score, and more with easy to visualize graphs.

However, it doesn't stop there. Our team is in the process of developing additional analytics features such as interaction specific data to help instructors understand the learner journey better. Keep an eye out as we begin to roll them out in the coming months.

We remain true to our dedication to accessibility and equity and have been busy working with members from our user community to make our platform the best that it can be. While we are aware of the challenges that can be faced by a red and green color palette, we have determined that it remains the most instantly informative option. However, our team is continuing to work to determine the best solution for accessibility concerns as we further refine the appearance of the analytics charts.

We're glad to welcome the analytics feature back to PlayPosit and look forward to hearing your reactions as we continue to roll out additional capabilities.

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  2. Click here to read our knowledge base article on analytics.