Using Review Sheet in PlayPosit 3.0 for Instructors

You may have noticed that we recently introduced the review sheet feature in PlayPosit 3.0. It's easy to see the benefits for learners who might use the feature to review, study, or otherwise improve their performance in a course. However, we didn't build the review sheet function with just the learner in mind. Consider the time it traditionally takes to implement premade bulbs in a course. In some cases, it can be equally time-consuming to copy and review an existing bulb as it could be to build one from scratch. We didn't want that to be the case.

The Questions
How can instructors save time and energy when using premade bulbs? What can we do to streamline the process of using the creations of other instructors?

The Solution
The review sheet function allows instructors to see an outline of a bulb that they would potentially like to implement in a course. This preview informs an instructor not only of the types of questions that are built into the bulb but at which points in the bulb they will display. While this is helpful in and of itself, the best part is that an instructor does not have to have copied the bulb before being able to preview the questions and their timestamps. And... it gets better.

Not only does the review sheet inform an instructor of the types of questions that will come up in a premade bulb, but it also shows them the number of videos that are in the bulb and what each one entails. Meaning, if a bulb contains three videos, the instructor will be able to see that information as separate sections of the overall bulb.

Going forward, instructors will be better informed and therefore more easily able to select premade bulbs for their courses.

Please note that this option gives you a limited view of premade bulbs. You will see the question and the 'type' of question, but not the options that learners can select. For a full preview of the questions as the learner would see it, the instructor can click on each row to jump to the question. In order to view all features and options, always refer to the designer. 

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