Use PlayPosit to Align to Online Learning Standards

Many higher education institutes are offering more online courses than ever before and using standards to ensure high-quality content. While some standards are easier to implement than others, finding ways to cover all of the standards can be difficult.

Using tools such as PlayPosit makes aligning to the standards a lot easier. Instructors and instructional designers can easily incorporate PlayPosit into their courses by taking their videos and adding key interactions to them and know that by doing so, the standards are covered.

For example, Open SUNY Course Quality Review or OSCQR Standard 45: Course includes frequent and appropriate methods to assess learners' mastery of content. Instructors need a manageable way to progress monitor all of their learners. PlayPosit provides data analytics on learner performance that is automatically synced to the LMS gradebook. Instructors are able to easily track the digestion of content and assess learners’ mastery of the course. Click here to learn more about PlayPosit data analytics.