The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages 

To demonstrate understanding of the conflict and cooperation between the Papacy and European monarchs.  

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  1. 00:01:35 

    In A.D. 410 the Rome was invaded by the __________.  

    • Vandals

    • Visigoths

    • Ostrogoths

    • Huns


  2. 00:05:51 

    When Rome fell to Alaric and the Visigoth invaders, the film mentions that many people said, 'the Mother of the Earth has passed away.' Why do you think people said this about Rome falling?   


  3. 00:08:49 

    When did the 'Dark Ages' begin?  

    • During the solar eclipse of A.D. 410 

    • After the fall of the Roman Empire

    • During the lunar eclipse of A.D. 410 


  4. 00:13:03 

    Who does the film make reference to when mentioning who the people thought of as the new Emperor of Europe during the Dark Ages?  

    • Alaric the Visigoth

    • King Henry VIII 

    • Pope Gregory XIII

    • Jesus Christ


  5. 00:17:29 

    What did Clovis do in order to win the heart and minds of the people he had conquered and united?  

    • Converted to Islam

    • Joined the Roman Catholic Church and became a Christian

    • Gave them bread and land

    • cut their tax rate


  6. 00:24:11 

    What was Emperor Justinian's military goal?  

    • To go East and invade China

    • To gain access and control of the Silk Roads

    • To reconquer lost Roman territories to the West, and bring back the former glory of the Roman Empire

    • To maintain peace throughout the Eastern Roman Empire


  7. 00:27:18 

    Who was it that helped Emperor Justinian during the Nika Riots in Constantinople when the people revolted? 

    • Empress Theodora

    • Kublai Khan

    • Clovis

    • Emperor Constanitine


  8. 00:28:18 

    Summarize the Nika Riots, and explain what Empress Theodora's role was when helping Justinian.  


  9. 00:30:27 

    What great construction project does Emperor Justinian start at Constantinople?  

    • The Colosseum

    • Hippodrome

    • Hagia Sophia 

    • The Great Wall


  10. 00:32:59 

    How did the plague spread during the reign of Justinian?  

    • From people not washing their hands

    • by touching contaminated blood

    • from drinking bad water

    • from the fleas that were on rats, and then carried over onto cargo ships. 


  11. 00:37:32 

    How did the social structure, economics, and government policies change in Western Europe after the final withdraw of the old Roman Empire and Justinian's forces moving out? (Think GRAPES!) 


  12. 00:39:38 

    What local community resource did the people of Western Europe have to turn to when dealing with the miseries that they faced so often? 

    • Community Centers

    • Monasteries

    • Food Pantries

    • Temples


  13. 00:45:55 

    At the Battle of _________ the ____________ Moors would face off in battle against the _____________ Europeans for control of Europe.  

    • Hastings, Spanish, Buddhist

    • Tours, Christian, Muslim

    • Tours, Muslim, Christian

    • Hastings, Persian, Christian


  14. 00:49:34 

    Who led the Christian forces against the Muslim Moors, and who provided the money for his army?  

    • Charles the Hammer and the Church

    • Charles the Hammer and the local banks

    • Clovis and the Church

    • Clovis and the local banks


  15. 00:52:15 

    Why was Charles 'The Hammer' Martel credited as being the 'Savior of Christianity' in Europe?  

    • He defeated the Muslims, which was a task most had failed at before him. 

    • He was the most devoted Christian among his men. 

    • He performed the most baptisms of any man in the army

    • He became a powerful pope after many years of fighting. 


  16. 00:52:57 

    Who was the grandson of Charles 'the Hammer' Martel, and considered the greatest King of Europe according to the documentary?  

    • William the Conqueror

    • Charlemagne

    • Richard the Lionheart

    • Justinian


  17. 01:02:49 

    What group of 'savages' invaded Northern England in the early 700's and plundered monasteries in search of anything they could acquire?  

    • The Moors

    • The Franks

    • The Saxons

    • The Vikings


  18. 01:10:19 

    What did Alfred the Great order his people to build in order to bring a stop to the Viking advance and plunder of the British Isles?  

    • He decided to build more churches for people to ask God to stop the Viking raids.

    • He ordered the construction of fortresses to be built in order to frustrate the Vikings in battle and tire them out. 

    • He ordered the construction of massive battle ships in order to meet the Vikings out at open sea and stop any land invasions from happening. 

    • He ordered the construction of catapults in order to smash through the Viking front lines before they could get close enough to fight. 


  19. 01:17:59 

    What were the Crusades, and how did they change Europe?  


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