92% of students agreed that PlayPosit is helpful to their learning

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The University of California, Riverside, is a public research university and one of the 10 general campuses of the University of California system with around 20,000 students.

The Challenge

Professor Maduro wanted to find a better way to engage the students in his summer sessions rather than using traditional Powerpoint-based lectures with clickers. (find original report here)

The Solution

In response to changing student expectations, and inspired by efforts in other departments at UCR including History, Chemistry and Mathematics, Prof. Maduro was motivated to change the traditional offering of this course to having primary instructional delivery achieved solely through PlayPosit in what is best termed a 'Hybrid Model'.

The Result

Professor Maduro found that using PlayPosit not only increased overall student engagement, but also boosted average scores AND enhanced student satisfaction. Professor Maduro reported that students were rating their own understanding of the course content much higher than in the past and that a vast majority of the students enjoyed the video format. 92% of students in this course agreed that PlayPosit was helpful to their learning--“The short videos that were offered with the PlayPosit system were really helpful in delivering the material in short segments in sequential order and were very effective in learning the concepts.”