PlayPosit for Flipped Professional Development

The Challenge

At Hudson ISD Middle School, administrators struggled with finding a way to have productive and powerful professional development sessions. Workshop leaders found that no matter what the content, there was no way to guarantee teacher attentiveness, engagement, or absorption of material. Misty Mitchell, the Media and Educational Technology Specialist, mentioned that, “If you are only using lecture style teaching, it doesn’t matter whether you are teaching students or the most experienced teachers, it is simply not effective.”

The Solution

The rich data monitoring of PlayPosit offered a solution to Misty and other coaches as it allowed them to deliver professional development content and see information on how the teacher responded. Not only were they able to see if a teacher viewed a particular assignment, but they could also embed questions into the material and see teacher responses to it.  It was easy to organize who “passed” material and who needed one-on-one follow ups on specific topics.

The Result

Hudson ISD Middle School now flips their professional development before teachers come in for a live, hands-on session with their coach. Coaches have found that teachers come in already prepared with knowledge of the basics and are ready to cement the practices with live training. Furthermore, coaches can review the data from the teacher prework and realign any misconceptions or reiterate any trouble areas face to face. Finally, the teachers also appreciate the more efficient, time-saving flipped model as it enables them to review the general content before a personalized one-on-one with their coach that goes into areas that are important for their individual growth.
Misty Mitchell
Media/EdTech Specialist
Hudson Middle School