How PlayPosit Empowers Student Agency

Kevin Murray, Educational Technology Facilitator and Former Teacher for Poudre School District, Fort Collins, CO. Poudre School District is the 9th largest school district in Colorado. It is recognized as a top-rated school district with a strong commitment to student, staff, and district excellence.

The Challenge

Our EdTech team goal is to motivate teachers to innovate. Innovative instructional methods using robotics, science probes, video, blended learning and much more have been the focus of our professional development classes and school based study groups.

With most teachers using video we want teachers to use it more effectively. We also want students to create high quality video projects that show what they have learned, how they are learning or to initiate action in our communities.

The Solution

PlayPosit is interactive, [therefore] students can create incredibly powerful videos (in our case using WeVideo) and then punctuate those videos with reflective pauses, actionable steps, and links to more information using PlayPosit. PlayPosit forces engagement in a way that doesn't feel forced, makes sense right!?

The Result

We use video for instruction, engagement and more importantly as a way for students to show what they have learned and provide a powerful message for community members to make changes. By evaluating how teachers are using PlayPosit in their classrooms, we are encouraging teachers to move beyond the simple “watch this video then fill out the worksheet” activities to deeper investigations focused on video. PlayPosit is my number one tool I recommend to teachers in ALL content areas and ALL grade levels. Teachers can make bulbs, students can make bulbs and any video, whether it is created by you or a professional on YouTube, can become interactive. With the wave of technology (and video) as a dominant form of instruction we need tools that force interactivity on students. PlayPosit gets a 10 out of 10 from me in terms of an educational technology tool!