The new PlayPosit builder is here!

Add multiple videos into each bulb, chain questions together, customize student playback with advanced options, add in discussions, and much more

Create richer, more engaging videos with the new PlayPosit builder

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Overviews and walkthroughs to get you started designing

Video overview of new builder

This quick, < 2 minute, YouTube walks you through the new feature sets introduced with the updated builder

Tutorial: combine multiple video clips into a bulb

Add multiple interactive videos as a playlist within a single bulb. Videos can be from any video source and as short or long as you desire. 

Tutorial: branch answer choices with next steps

Branch answer choices with the appropriate video segment to remediate misconceptions or challenge with advanced content. 

Tutorial: chain questions together at the same video timestamp

Insert a problem set for students to engage with as the video progresses. Questions can be placed at any moment, including the very beginning or end of a video segment. 

FAQ and all tutorials for new builder

This section includes all the tutorials you will need to master the PlayPosit builder. In addition to the tutorials above, a few guides include how to crop videos, customize playback options, create a discussion forum, and change question types. 

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