Growing up in Africa

Growing up in Africa 

Understand why Africa struggles to develop 

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  1. 00:01:38 

    Gather the statistics the video mentions in the 1st 2 minutes:  


    What are going to be consequences or impact of these statistics on the development of various countries in Africa do you think?  


  2. 00:02:23 

    Look up where Benin is in Africa, and where Nigeria is?   Take a screen shot of the 2 countries location within Africa & upload the image to this question.  


  3. 00:03:29 

    Forced Labor from a 6 year old's eyes

    Why is Benin have so many trafficked Children?


    Summarize the information you have read.  What is life like for these children? 


  4. 00:05:45 

    What ways does the Terre de Hommes Oasis Center & The Brigade for Protection of Minors do to help these children? (**Bullet points things the center does to help or you observe them doing)   


  5. 00:11:15 

    What is an Intermediary and what does he do?  



    What information do the Parents NOT get about what is going to happen to their child? 


  6. 00:13:08 

    If several of these politicians were involved in exploiting/selling children when they were young adults, what may be the impact from their involvement in the political system as various groups try to improve the life of these kids? 


  7. 00:14:37 

    Locate Uganda on a map, take a screen shot and upload it to your question.   


  8. 00:14:54 

    What things does this Uganda school have to teach these kids?  Why are they all here? 


  9. 00:16:32 

    What are some of the long term problems faced by the amount of AIDS orphans.  How would these affect/challenge the 'development' of these countries into modern powerful nations? 


    HIV/AIDS affects on population, Read this article:  Bullet point ways AIDS/HIV affect:

    Effects on age & Sex Structure


    The Health Care System:

    Business & Agriculture:


    Economic Stability:



  10. 00:18:38 

    Locate Kenya on a map, screen shot it and insert it.  Where is Kenya in relationship to 

    Benin & Nigeria?

    Compared to Uganda? 


  11. 00:20:18 

    This Island was once the major economic area for the purpose of? 

    • Big plantations growing huge amounts of sugar, banana, cacoa

    • Slave trading

    • Fishing village

    • Trading of spices, poached rhino horns and elephant tusks

    • Gold and Diamond exchange


  12. 00:23:08 

    1 out of 10 children is an orphan. .  . What is the impact of this statistic on the development of Africa? 


  13. 00:28:04 

    What are 3 observations you've made of this Island close to Kenya compared to the other places the documentary has shown so far? 


  14. 00:31:36 

    Locate South Africa on a map, screen shot it and upload it here.  Compared to the other countries visited, where is South Africa located? 


  15. 00:35:33 

    What is Apartheid?


    Understanding Apartheid:

          *How did it impact South Africa's development?

          *How did it finally end?


    Who is Nelson Mandela?  Watch the video on the above website:  

    Nelson Mandela: Champion of Freedom:  

    Summarize the video and talk about his impact on South Africa. . . 



  16. 00:39:03 

    What are some positive changes that have taken place in South Africa in the last 10 years?  Use the last 10 minutes to bullet point not only what they say but what you observe and don't forget to answer the last question. 


    What are still some of the challenges and problems of the area? Use the last 10 minutes to bullet point not only what they say but what you observe and don't forget to answer the last question.  


  17. 00:43:12 

    What has dance given to these kids and adults in the area of the Eoan Cultural Center?  How can that help/hurt the development of the area? 


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