Cell Intro

Cell Intro 

Basic Cell Structure 

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    The reason why cells are small is because it is necessary to get important materials and harmful materials out quickly. 

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    When viewing a thin transparent object under the light microscope it is BEST to adjust the diaphragm so that you are letting in small amount of light 

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    Electron microscopes increase magnification, and improve resolution (ability to see details). However, a downside is that you can't actually observe living processes in action. 

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    Bacteria (AKA Eubacteria) and Arachebacteria are the only prokaryotic cells 

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    Which of the following is NOT true regarding prokaryotic cells 

    • have  ribosomes

    • lack the ability to make energy

    • contain DNA

    • have a boundary such as a cell membrane/cell wall


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    Yeast are unicellular and are classified with bacteria because they are prokaryotes 

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    Which of the following concerning the nucleolus is NOT true 

    • located within the nucleus

    • where ribosomes are made

    • appears as a darkened area within the nucleus

    • responsible for manufacturing ATP


  8. 00:07:28 

    Which of the following concerning the nucleus is NOT true? 

    • nothing can pass in or out of the nucleus

    • where the chromosomes are located

    • where DNA is found

    • has the directions for what kind of proteins that are going to be made


  9. 00:07:58 

    Which of the following concerning ribosomes is NOT true? 

    • appear as dots

    • made of two subunits

    • where proteins are assembled

    • found in eubacteria but not archaebacteria


  10. 00:08:57 

    Rough ER is connected to the nucleus and has ribosomes attached to it. 

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  11. 00:09:33 

    Which of the following concerning the Golgi body is NOT true 

    • looks like pita bread or a stack of pancakes

    • acts like UPS 

    • modifies proteins that come to it from the roughER by adding things like carbohydrates

    • is where glucose is broken down to make ATP


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    Microtubles and microfilaments help provide support for the cell. 

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    Which of the following concerning smooth ER is NOT true 

    • makes lipids

    • breaks down or detoxifies things like alcohol

    • lacks ribosomes

    • where amino acids are hooked together to make sugar


  14. 00:11:34 

    Which of the following is NOT true about the mitochondria? 

    • where ATP is made

    • were once thought to be a type of bacteria

    • have their own DNA

    • the packaging center where ribosomes are assembled


  15. 00:11:52 

    Plants have large structures known as vacuoles which store a large amount of water 

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  16. 00:12:58 

    In which part of the body would you expect to find a large number of lysosomes? 

    • bones

    • heart

    • nerves

    • stomach and intestines


  17. 00:13:33 

    Centrioles appear like two rods and are not found in higher plants 

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    Number 8 is smooth ER 

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    #6 is the Golgi body 

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  20. 00:14:08 

    #13 is a ribosomal complex 

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  21. 00:14:11 

    The chloroplast is not seen in this diagram 

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  22. 00:14:12 

    #9 is the mitochondria 

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