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  1. 00:00:11 

    Prezi is a wonderful alternative to which programs?


    • Microsoft Word 
    • Microsoft Powerpoint 
    • Keynote 

  2. 00:01:21 

    Which version of Prezi should you sign up for?


    • Continue with Public Presentations 
    • Enjoy 
    • Pro 
    • Teams 

  3. 00:03:36 

    What option do you choose if you do not want to use a template that is already created?


    • Make new template 
    • Start blank prezi 
    • Use template 

  4. 00:04:27 

    The menu on the left shows _______?


    • slides 
    • frames 

  5. 00:04:49 

    How do I move closer to and further from the Canvas in Prezi?


    • Drop and Drag 
    • Say 'here kitty kitty' 
    • Zoom In and Zoom Out 

  6. 00:06:15 

    Does your Prezi automatically save?


    • No 
    • Yes 

  7. 00:07:52 

    How do I change the circle frame?


    • Click on the circle and choose the option button 
    • Click customize 
    • Go to edit in the chrome menu 

  8. 00:08:40 

    Is there a way to resize the text box?


    • No 
    • Yes 

  9. 00:09:42 

    How can I add a second zoom?


    • Get out a magic wand 
    • Click and drag the circle frame 
    • Click on Present 

  10. 00:10:13 

    Can I place one frame instead another?


    • Yes 
    • No 

  11. 00:11:33 

    How do I know the order of the frames?


    • They are numbered 
    • I will make an educated guess 

  12. 00:11:52 

    How do I add a picture to my Prezi?


    • Top click, tap on your toes 
    • Right click, add image 
    • Click Insert, then image 

  13. 00:12:08 

    Which pictures can I use on Prezi?


    • From my Jump Drive 
    • From the web 
    • Hand Drawn 

  14. 00:13:10 

    How can I move images from front to back in Prezi?


    • File, New, Move to Front 
    • Right Click, Move to Front 
    • Left Click, Move to Front 

  15. 00:14:08 

    Can I reorder frames once they have been made in the path?


    • Yes 
    • No 

  16. 00:15:13 

    How do I animate objects in the frame?


    • Click edit path, move the numbers 
    • Click reset 
    • Click edit path, click the star 

  17. 00:16:12 

    Why do hyperlinks not work when you enter them in Prezi?


    • If you are in edit mode, hyperlinks will not work.  
    • Hyperlinks must be refrigerated before use.  
    • They do work. You just have to hold your mouth a certain way.  

  18. 00:16:47 

    Is it appropriate to use YouTube in a Prezi? 


    • Yes, as long as you only watch appropriate material 
    • No, I know I won't be able to stay off terrible music.  

  19. 00:17:33 

    If I want to add the same frame to all my prezis, where should I put it? 


    • My Homies 
    • My favorites 
    • Swag content 

  20. 00:18:15 

    Can you convert a Powerpoint to a Prezi?


    • Yes 
    • No 

  21. 00:19:27 

    How do I customize my theme in prezi?


    • Choose 'make my own theme' 
    • Under customize, choose advanced. 

  22. 00:20:07 

    Which button do I choose to show my prezi in class?


    • Present 
    • Save 
    • Customize 

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