North and South

North and South 

Explain how the North and South were divided. 

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  1. 00:00:57 

    New Orleans is a(n)  _________ area.


    • rural 
    • urban 

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    What effect did the climate and geography of the North have on its economy?


    • It made it easy to grow cash crops on large plantations. 
    • It made growing cash crops on plantations difficult so people made money in factories instead. 
    • The region quickly became a hub for ski resorts and tech entrepreneurs. 
    • The hills protected the North from attack so their culture did not diffuse with other cultures. 

  3. 00:02:06 

    What effect did the geography of the SOUTH have on the development of its economy?


    • It made people more likely to be subsistence farmers. 
    • It made it easy to grow cash crops on large farms called plantations. 
    • It forced people to open factories because there was no other way to make money. 
    • It cut them off from trading with any other cultures. 

  4. 00:02:40 

    Which vocabulary word is most closely associated with the ECONOMY of the North?


    • Urban 
    • Industrialization 
    • Rural 
    • Urbanization 

  5. 00:02:59 

    The Southern economy most closely relied on...


    • Industrialization 
    • The plantation system 
    • International trade and ports 
    • The military-industrial complex 

  6. 00:03:31 

    Which of the following were effects of the invention of the cotton gin?

    I - More cotton was produced

    II - More people were enslaved

    III - The South built more factories


    • I only 
    • I and II 
    • I, II, and III 
    • I and III 

  7. 00:04:08 

    Which of the following words best describes the population changes in the North?


    • Rural 
    • Urbanization 
    • Forced Migration 
    • Industrial zoning 

  8. 00:04:29 

    There were less people in the South so it was less ______ and more ________.


    • rural, urban 
    • urban, rural 
    • urban, urban 
    • rural, rural 

  9. 00:05:07 

    Make sure you write down these push and pull factors in your notes!



  10. 00:05:45 

    Where did most immigrants to the United States go, and why?


    • The South for jobs in the factories 
    • The North for jobs in the factories 
    • The North for jobs on plantations 
    • The South for jobs on plantations 

  11. 00:06:08 

    Which one of the following is the best definition of the term 'famine'?


    • A surplus of food 
    • A scarcity of food 
    • The opportunity cost of food 
    • The demand for food is low 

  12. 00:06:23 

    The Irish immigrated the USA because...


    • The Irish King decided to kick his people out 
    • There was a devastating famine in Ireland 
    • There was a terrible war in in Ireland. 
    • They were being persecuted because of their religion in Ireland 

  13. 00:07:51 

    What message did America send to the people that were immigrating?


    • Americans only wanted rich, well educated people to immigrate. 
    • Americans wanted all people to come to our country and we welcomed everyone. 
    • The American Dream should only be available for a select few. 
    • The idea of Manifest Destiny made more land available to Native Americans, who were hostile to immigrants 

  14. 00:08:06 

    What was the push factor that forced Marie to leave Germany?


    • She moved to Philadelphia 
    • Germany was having political problems so there was a revolution and violence 
    • She knew she could get a job in Philadelphia 
    • Like many other European countries at the time 

  15. 00:08:08 

    What pull factor made her want to come specifically to Philadelphia?


    • There was violence and a revolution in Germany 
    • She knew she could get a job in the factory there 
    • She feared for her life. 
    • Like many other European countries at the time. 

  16. 00:08:11 

    What push factor forced Breanna to leave her home country?


    • Breanna had to move to New York 
    • There was a famine in Ireland 
    • She could get a job in a factory 
    • In order to help feed her family 

  17. 00:08:13 

    What pull factor made her want to move to New York?


    • All of her potatoes died 
    • There were lots of other Irish there and she could get a job in a factory 
    • She picked New York 
    • In order to help feed her family 

  18. 00:09:06 

    What other technologies did the North have more of than the South that will become a big advantage when they fight in the Civil War?


    • The North had more factories to build guns 
    • The North had more railroads than the South 
    • The North had more telegraph lines for communication 
    • All of the answers 

  19. 00:09:19 

    Which of the following best describes the differences between the North and the South as shown in these two pictures?


    • The North had more farms and fewer people than the South, which had more factories 
    • The North was urbanized and industrialized while the south was rural and relied on agriculture 
    • Both the North and the South had about the same population, but the North's was more in cities 
    • The South had more technology than the North, but it was more spread out over agricultural areas 

  20. 00:09:35 

    Make sure you write these down in your notes!



  21. 00:10:15 

    Which of the following was NOT a problem of the urbanized cities in the North?


    • Pollution from factories 
    • poor transportation networks 
    • overcrowding 
    • disease and lack of cleanliness 

  22. 00:11:09 

    Last question just to make sure you know this...

    Where were there more railroads?


    • South 
    • North 

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