The Lego story

The Lego story 


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    What sort of company did Ole have?


    • He had a hard-working company 
    • He made things from wood 
    • He worked in a factory 

  2. 00:01:23 

    Why did things get worse?


    • Ole had first lost his company and now he had lost his partner in life 
    • His wife left him 
    • Ole's wife took over the company and left him 

  3. 00:01:59 

    What did Ole decide to do to earn money for his family?


    • He imported toys from another company 
    • He used the wood he had to create wooden toys 
    • He started making toys with his boys 

  4. 00:02:09 

    Which answer is wrong? 


    • Ole was a capable carpenter 
    • Ole paid great attention to quality and detail 
    • Ole worked very slowly 

  5. 00:03:03 

    The wholesaler wanted ......


    • the best wooden toys he could get 
    • toys for Christmas 
    • placed a big order with Ole 

  6. 00:03:40 

    Why didn't the wholesaler buy the wooden toys from Ole?


    • The quality wasn't good enough 
    • He had no money anymore 
    • Ole had hired too many people  

  7. 00:04:46 

    What did Ole decide to do?


    • He was going to sell all the toys himself 
    • He asked people if they would like to buy his toys 
    • He traded his toys for food for his family 

  8. 00:05:31 

    What was the name that Ole decided to give to his company?


    • Leg Godt 
    • Playing Well 
    • Lego 
    • I put together 

  9. 00:06:59 

    What did Ole's son do that Ole didn't like?


    • He saved money for the company 
    • He decided to go for better quality 
    • He coated the toys twice instead of three times 

  10. 00:07:47 

    After a fire had destroyed the factory...


    • Ole talked to his sons 
    • a new factory was built 
    • they had saved some drawings of the models 

  11. 00:08:51 

    The new moulding machine..


    • only produced plastic bricks 
    • could make beter plastic teddybears and tractors 
    • created new oportunities 

  12. 00:09:57 

    Godtfred had to go and sell the toys in towns and shops


    • because he wanted to surprise his father for his 60th birthday 
    • and he succeeded 
    • because people neede new toys for Christmas 

  13. 00:10:54 

    Godtfred felt


    • that Lego offered too many ready-made solutions 
    • that Lego was not modern enough 
    • that he needed to go on a businesstrip to England 

  14. 00:11:50 

    The Lego system


    • was perfect now that it was a system 
    • was only sold in Denmark and its surrounding countries  
    • was good, but the pieces would not hold together 

  15. 00:13:12 

    What is the right order?

    1. There was another fire in the factory
    2. Godtfred solved the problem of the bricks falling apart
    3. Godtfred decided not to make wooden toys anymore
    4. Ole died

    • 4,3,2,1 
    • 2,3,4,1 
    • 2,4,1,3  
    • 2, 3,1,4 

  16. 00:14:31 

    What was the reason to build Legoland?


    • Too many people came and wanted to have a look in the modelling department 
    • Godtfred had already built an airport 
    • Lego had so many things that they needed an amusementpark to sell it all 

  17. 00:15:46 

    The person who tells the Lego story is


    • Ole's grandson 
    • the manager of Legoland 
    • a well-known Danish actor 

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