PlayPosit Meets CARES Act Requirement for Funding Allocations

With so many institutions working to decipher if and how they can allocate CARES Act funds, our team wanted to make answering questions for those of you considering bringing PlayPosit into your learning environment a little bit easier. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions that we did not address below or need further clarification.

Does PlayPosit make it possible to plan for and coordinate during long-term closures, including how to provide technology for virtual instruction for all students?
Yes, PlayPosit’s instructional design platform is uniquely powerful and scalable, making it a dynamic tool for newly remote learning environments as well as more traditional classroom instruction. Content can be created and run synchronously via Zoom/Webex/Meet or asynchronously allowing learners to move at their own pace. To facilitate this creation, faculty can collaborate in the creation or dissemination of content (facilitator, co-editor, co-teacher, TA, observer roles/permissions) and/or can repurpose content from an institutional private media library. Administrators have access to oversight and security tools for ease of tracking data and content. In the longer term, PlayPosit makes it effortless to harness both synchronous and asynchronous instruction as the platform’s modularity allows for content to be updated whenever and however is necessary. Additionally, to alleviate the burden of supporting faculty new to online instruction, institutional partners (and their faculty) have access to PlayPosit’s Instructional Design and technical teams who are US-based and highly responsive.

Does PlayPosit provide access to activities to address the unique needs of at-risk students including low-income, English Learners, racial and ethnic minorities, etc.?
PlayPosit was built to be equitable, accessible, and engaging for all learners. The platform is dynamic and all interactions are customizable to fit a variety of instructional applications in virtually any language (you can check out our use cases here) while learners are empowered to learn at their own pace and on their terms. Access to data provides instructors and administrators with insight into where learners are succeeding and where additional intervention may be necessary to ensure improvement.

Below are just a fraction of the possible applications:
  • English Language Learners are able to engage in conversations with their instructors and peers through oral and written formats. Through the recording of questions and conversational topics, learners can be encouraged to respond in written, audio, or video formats with the added benefit of immediate feedback that features example responses provided by the instructor. Learners are able to immediately identify their level of success in a constructive and safe environment. Further, an instructor can allow for retries, affording learners the opportunity to readily practice and improve.
  • Nontraditional learners who are in the workforce or otherwise unable to attend a traditional classroom environment are presented with an equal opportunity to engage with content in a way that is pedagogically sound.
  • The platform was built to encourage higher-order critical thinking and is particularly useful for learners who never had access to tutors or a network to teach them how to learn. Through a variety of interaction types, instructors are able to guide learners in expectations and embed how-to resources for a richer experience. 
Does PlayPosit aid in regular and substantive educational interactions between students and their classroom instructors?
PlayPosit makes it easy to ensure that learners are benefiting from the main foundations of education that are necessary to ensure that the learning that is taking place is meaningful and impactful:
  • PlayPosit ensures that remote learning does not mean that there is a disconnect between the learner and the valuable relationship that they have with their instructor. The variety of interaction types and their modularity allows for custom feedback that can include voice and/or video recordings, rich text, jumping learners to specific sections of a video based on their responses, and more. Further, powerful data and analytics shine a light on the learner experience, informing instructors when they may need to engage with a learner further. 
  • PlayPosit fosters an environment in which learners are encouraged to not only interact with one another but learn from their peers. Through features such as Learner Made Content, Peer Review, Discussion Forums, and more, learners are able to challenge and learn from each other in constructive and impactful ways. 
Is PlayPosit considered assistive technology or adaptive equipment for students with disabilities?
Ensuring that PlayPosit is accessible to all users is a high priority for our team. We have tested the PlayPosit 3.0 dashboard, designer, and player for screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, color contrast, and well-structured code extensively. Additionally, our team works in close coordination with our institutional partners to ensure that we are staying up to date and improving as needed.

For details on our adherence to Section 508 standards, please refer to our Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) here

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