Spotlight on Security: PlayPosit’s Administrator Dashboard Affords Oversight & Control for Leadership Teams

*Please note that these features apply only to PlayPosit institutional and enterprise partners with admin-level privileges for their organization. Click here to request more information.

When working remotely from faculty or simply trying to manage content being put out by faculty, leadership teams are oftentimes left wondering what faculty members are doing for their learners. PlayPosit created a solution that would ensure administrators are always “in the know” about their faculty’s PlayPosit content and use. More specifically, PlayPosit’s Administrator Dashboard (“Admin Dash”) provides Institutional and Enterprise License administrators with a dynamic and real-time understanding of when, where, how, and what kind of learning is taking place.

Among other powerful controls, administrators can review, filter and view every piece of content, regardless of privacy settings, within their institution. They can also access instructor accounts to view data and control licenses from that view. Additionally, instructional designer admin can even assign content, control content settings and more. This article breaks down the applications and benefits of empowering our institutional partner administrator teams via PlayPosit’s Admin Dash.

Privacy & Security

Privacy and security are an ever-growing concern for institutions as access to the internet and technology is becoming increasingly prevalent for educational needs. While our team hopes that your institution and learners will never be exposed to any bad actors, we have taken steps to ensure that they can be identified and managed quickly and efficiently. 

PlayPosit’s Admin Dash allows for easy oversight of content creation. 
  • Administrators can rest assured that learners have access only to content that is intended for them. 
  • The content created by instructors can be reviewed by administrators, ensuring that quality and safety measures can be put in place and learners are kept safe from inappropriate content. 
We also understand that our partners wish to protect the content that their instructors create. As a result, PlayPosit provides the privacy settings necessary to manage whether and how an institution’s content is available to other users. 

Administrators are able to designate all content as: 
  • Visible only to the individual instructor
  • Visible within an organization
  • Visible within an entire institution
  • Visible to all PlayPosit users
The decision is up to the administrator without having to be concerned that an instructor will change the settings to give access to an unintended audience.
    *PlayPosit’s seamless LTI integration with leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) means that users never need to enter additional credentials. Just click and build.

    Extensive Data

    Admin can filter and search for specific content and instructors right in the Admin Dash, making the evaluation of content and engagement simple. Administrators can:
    • Scroll through the Admin Dash and read through the content.
    • Take a more visual approach by utilizing graphs, charts, and tables.
    Looking for a more extensive solution that will cover an entire district or university? PlayPosit gives administrators with the appropriate permissions the power to view data across all schools that are under a university or district-wide license. 

    In all cases, administrators are able to view data as broadly or as specifically as they’d like. 

    All Content, All in One Place

    The Admin Dash gives administrators access to the institution’s Media Library, regardless of an instructor’s individual privacy settings. 
    • While an instructor can choose to not share their bulb (our word for interactive video) with the entire school (assuming those are the Admin Dash settings), administrators still have the ability to access an instructor’s content regardless of an instructor’s individual privacy settings. 
    • Additionally, administrators have the power to adjust an instructor’s bulb settings (such as playback options, titles, and tags) when necessary. 
    Worried about being overwhelmed by the amount of content? In addition to being able to search for the content of a specific instructor, tagging allows for the filtering of specific keywords and topics. Administrators never need to worry about having to sift through page after page of material. 

    *Certain licenses allow for bulbs to be linked directly in your LMS. 

    Professional Learning Functionalities

    In addition to the controls afforded by the Admin Dash, it also empowers administrators to create remote learning opportunities for your institution’s instructors. More specifically, all instructors associated with your institution’s Admin Dash occupy multiple roles in one account; all instructors are also learners and can be assigned staff development content to consume asynchronously while admin view data from afar and issue certificates of completion to staff without lifting a finger. (For more information about the other roles and permissions available to faculty associated with an Admin Dash, stay tuned for a follow-up article! In the meantime, view our knowledge base article here.)

    Additionally, from the admin-facing Media Library, administrators can apply tags to content such that they can notify faculty of standards alignment as well as acknowledge faculty for creating exemplar bulbs. These tags are visible to other faculty if the instructor who created the bulb with an admin-applied tag decides to contribute that piece of content into the faculty-facing Media Library for your institution.  

    *Note: The faculty-facing Media Library will only display content that has the appropriate privacy settings. However, the admin Media Library displays all content, regardless of an instructor's individual privacy settings. The admin Media Library is only accessible to individuals who are designated as administrators. 

    Control Your Image

    PlayPosit gives partners the ability to have consistent branding, allowing for a sense of continuity and trust for users when they access the platform. PlayPosit provides partners with an optional white-label player that allows for logo changes and color changes so that instructors and learners never have to second guess if their content is secure. 

    Interested in learning more about our Administrator Dashboard? Click here to schedule a demo. 


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