Quick & Easy Tips: Continue Engaging Learners with PlayPosit + Zoom

*This article is for institutions that have a Zoom integration. Let us know if you're interested in a Zoom integration.

Are you using Zoom to quickly and easily take your classes online synchronously? Why stop there? PlayPosit's integration with Zoom makes it easy to get even more out of your existing lectures just as easily with twice the benefit.

Address Social Isolation
Social isolation has been particularly difficult for many students who are used to going to class and seeing their peers. Discussion forums allow learners to continue to actively participate in the lecture content while also engaging with the ideas and reflections of their peers. Continue to cultivate community and determine understanding by allowing students to engage with each other.

Address Content Retention
Learning virtually is as new to some students as it is to their instructors. It can be difficult for them to digest content in these new online lecture formats while remaining engaged in the lesson. PlayPosit provides learners the ability to take notes directly in an instructor's recorded Zoom lecture as they view the content, making it easy to locate specific timestamps when reviewing. 

Address Understanding 
Many instructors rely on the use of clickers to check students' understanding during a lecture. Taking your classes online doesn't mean that you have to stop checking for understanding and determining where you need to elaborate on your content. PlayPosit's template gallery features a variety of question formats that allow instructors to quickly and easily determine whether learners are understanding the content and where they may be struggling.