The Power of Personalized Learning

Interaction rich, video-based lessons unlock the potential of personalized instruction for remote and proximate learners alike. Driving viewers to take specific actions within their video journey leads to higher competency while simultaneously providing instructors with data-driven insight into confusion and mastery and learning retention that traditional video and classroom lessons frequently struggle to achieve. In turn, this provides instructors with data and insights that lead to better feedback and performance.

Instructors can turn traditionally passive learning experiences into actively engaged and feedback powered lessons. Learners build confidence with multiple practice opportunities and additional materials while knowing their instructor can assess their challenges and areas of success through the use of behavioral and response data.

The impact of personalized learning applies in higher education, traditional K12 and even beyond. In fact, interactive video is now a critical component in creating personalized, self-paced, data-rich learning experiences within the world of Enterprise as well. Trainers and instructional designers are finding that while off-the-shelf learning experiences may serve some needs, many organizations need their employees to acquire skills specific to their organization and niche expertise.

Interactive video helps trainers and instructional designers build professional development programs that can be grown and improved over time as needs and circumstances change. Interactive video allows for innovative companies to update and refresh resources almost instantly as needs change and evolve.

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