Interactive Syllabus for Increased Learner Success

Nearly every class or course incorporates a syllabus. It is a useful tool for establishing expectations and setting learners up for success. However, the reality is that it can be boring for learners to read through the entire document. Instructors are frequently faced with learners who do not reference the syllabus after the first day or do not bother to read it at all and this can often impact a learner's overall success. So we've been thinking... maybe it's time to chuck the traditional paper syllabus in the bin in favor of something more engaging.
But a syllabus is just a syllabus, right? How could we make the relaying of due dates and expectations more exciting? Is it even worth the time?

We think that there is a lot of potential and our team has been feeling inspired by NYU Stern and other universities that are looking to address the problem. This institution has been encouraging instructors to promote and share their course content via video syllabi for a while now and has identified a number of benefits that come from the visual and verbal enhancement of the content. We think that's pretty great. However, our awesome users have taken it even further.

An exciting Twitter exchange took place earlier this week on a similar topic. Two users discussed the concept of an interactive syllabus that involves requiring students to respond/participate in certain sections of the document. This takes the interaction beyond just clicking hyperlinks, typing in web addresses, or simply watching a video. Learners are not only more likely to consume the full content from start to finish but they are also more likely to retain important dates.

Set the expectation for engagement from day one. The longterm impacts are invaluable.

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