Soft Skills Series: Increasing Employability

For many of us, the month of December is about helping others and giving. Our team has decided to get into the spirit of the season by featuring a blog that relates to this theme every Monday this month. What does that mean exactly? We have been inspired by the forward-thinking bulbs that many of our university partners are creating in order to help their university learners (as well as instructors and admins in some cases) succeed in the world through the development of much needed soft skills. Sometimes that is as simple as teaching first-year university attendees how to live away from home and sometimes it's more about learning empathy for people who look and behave differently from us.

The Question
It can be easy for individuals pursuing a higher education degree to become so focused on their studies that they do not develop the skills necessary to actually land a job. How can higher education institutions ensure that their learners are not only knowledgable in what is in their textbooks, but in how to communicate with potential employers and pursue a job as well?

The Solution
Using PlayPosit's interactive video platform is an engaging way to relay information to help new graduates succeed as they enter the workforce. Strayer University began using PlayPosit bulbs to develop employability skills in their soon-to-be graduates earlier this year. The bulbs teach students how to prepare for the interview process and present themselves as knowledgable experts in their field. Through these trainings, students are able to walk in feeling confident and capable of answering interview questions effectively. However, the bulbs are not limited to pre-employment trainings. Students receive additional value through exposure to other important skills such as email etiquette and other forms of effective communication in order to provide them with the skills for long-term success.

Universities understand that their success is based on the success of their graduates. Investing time and effort in employability training ensures that the students leaving are prepared for the reality of joining tomorrow's workforce.

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  2. Why Your Graduate Employability Matters More Than Ever by Sarah Linney, QS