December Update

We love the month of December. While it might be cold here in Denver, the festivities and kindness of this time of year warm us right up. It's great to see so many people going out of their way to be helpful to others and to look forward to what the new year will bring. Many of us take this time to set new personal and professional goals as we continue to strive to be the best versions of ourselves that we could possibly be.

What We've Talked About This Month 
Week 1: Soft Skills Series: First-Year Experience
Week 1: PlayPosit 3.0 Feature Highlight: Student Preview Mode for Better Understanding
Week 2: Soft Skills Series: Increasing Employability
Week 2: 2020 Education, Training, & Learning Trends
Week 3: Soft Skills Series: Teaching Empathy
Week 3: PlayPosit 3.0 Feature Highlight: Analytics
Week 4: Soft Skills Series: Building Leadership Skills

What We've Read (& Listened to) This Month
Please note that none of the items listed below are a representative of PlayPosit's opinions or values as a company. Our staff and users contribute to this list on a food for thought basis and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the organization as a whole. 
What We're Cooking for Next Month
A new year means that we will be kicking things back into gear. It has been great to catch up with our families (some of us have grown them with little ones!), travel, and eat way too much food. However, we're looking forward to feeling refreshed and ready to get back into our work. Keep an eye out for new features, updates, and more once we're back after New Year's Day.

Happy New Year from all of us here at PlayPosit! Stay safe and we'll see you in 2020! 🎉
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