Using Discussion Forums to Determine Understanding

Every instructor has gone through the experience of thinking that they've developed the perfect lesson to cover a difficult topic only to have learners struggle to absorb the content. In those moments, direct student feedback could be the difference between making the same mistake in the future or identifying exactly where the errors in communication are taking place. The only problem is that taking this approach could be disruptive for learners who are not struggling to follow the content.

The Question
How can instructors identify sections of the lesson that are leading to learner struggles without disrupting the workflow of other learners? 

Learners can leave helpful feedback to improve future lessons

The Solution
PlayPosit's interactive video platform allows instructors to embed a discussion forum throughout the entire bulb (PlayPosit's word for interactive video), not just in specific timestamp locations. This allows learners to insert comments and feedback during the entirety of the lesson. Struggling learners are empowered to identify problem areas without disrupting the learning experience of anyone who might not be struggling with the lesson. 

In the Timing tab, use the arrows to adjust how long the discussion forum will appear in the bulb

Instructors could then use the feedback provided to determine content areas that need reinforcement in future and existing lessons. This not only has the potential to improve learner success but also empowers learners in their learning experience, which in turn can help to reinforce a positive relationship with the instructor. 

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