PlayPosit 3.0 Feature Highlight: Co-Instructors & Premade Content (Institutional License Users)

Many of us do some of our best work when we collaborate. Getting multiple perspectives on constructing a project or assignment can be powerful and inspiring. However, it is often difficult or impossible to take a collaborative approach when creating an interactive video lesson. Finding the time to get on a Zoom call or meet at the office can be a daunting task. But what if it was simpler than that?

Photo by Jopwell
PlayPosit's Co-Instructor Workflow article takes LMS users through the process of sharing and collaborating on a bulb with another instructor, teaching assistant, or instructional designer. Both instructors have the power to edit/revise bulbs whenever necessary without the need to have both instructors engaged at the same time. Just imagine the collaboration potential when campus, time zone, or personal calendar restrictions are no longer a factor!

A less direct approach to collaboration would be to utilize PlayPosit's long-standing premade bulbs function. While this method does not allow more than one instructor to actively work on or access a bulb at the same time, instructors in the same institution have access to bulbs built by other PlayPosit users as well as over 1 million premade bulbs that live in the PlayPosit database. Finding the right bulb is made possible by search, sort, and filter functions in the categories of creator name, subject area, title, tags, and rigor.

An easy way to achieve both of these collaboration methods would be through the power of folders in PlayPosit 3.0. While instructors could certainly use folders to organize their content by class or module in a private manner, they can also share folders with their colleagues for quick and easy transfer of content. Again, please note that this option does not allow for direct collaboration on the original bulb but is an additional way to share content.

Go forth and collaborate!
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