November Update

November has been a busy month for us. We launched a new feature, traveled to Orlando for OLC Accelerate, and had our annual team retreat. As many of you are wrapping up your semesters or closing your books for the year, we wanted to remind you about a few of the things that we have talked about this month and give you a look ahead at what is coming up.

What We've Talked About This Month
Week 1: We skipped this week for our team retreat 😄
Week 2: Using Discussion Forums to Determine Understanding
Week 2: PlayPosit Feature Highlight: Review Sheet
Week 3: Using Review Sheet in PlayPosit 3.0 for Instructors
Week 3: PlayPosit 3.0 Feature Highlight: Co-Instructors & Premade Content
Week 4: Learner Created Content for Exam Review

Some of our team went on a little hike near Red
Rocks in Morrison, Colorado

What We've Read This Month
Please note that none of the items listed below are representative of PlayPosit's opinions or values as a company. Our staff and users contribute to this list on a food for thought basis and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the organization as a whole. 
What We're Cooking for Next Month
For many of us, the month of December is about helping others and giving. Our team has decided to get into the spirit of the season by featuring a blog that relates to this theme every Monday in the coming month. What does that mean exactly? We have been inspired by the forward-thinking bulbs that many of our university partners are creating in order to help their university learners (as well as instructors and admins in some cases) succeed in the world through the development of much needed soft skills. Sometimes that is as simple as teaching first-year university attendees how to live away from home, and sometimes it's more about learning empathy for people who look and behave differently from us.

Members of our team wore sweaters and cardigans
to celebrate World Kindness Day earlier this month

Happy holiday season from all of us here at PlayPosit!  🍂
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