Learner Created Content for Exam Review

The end of the semester is almost here and holiday breaks are fast approaching. It is a stressful time for learners and instructors alike as everyone begins to think about exams and finals. It often means that instructors need to spend time developing review assignments and for learners with the hope that they will find them helpful. But how much of this information do learners actually use? Perhaps some instructors feel that the exercise is a waste of time and worry that learners are not retaining the content as well as they could be or beyond the date of the exam. Other traditional methods include reviewing notes taken earlier in the year but this leads to superficial memorization and does not actually engage the learners.

Research by Washington University in St. Louis shows evidence that empowering learners by asking them to take control of the teaching process has a positive impact on their ability to learn and recall information. PlayPosit allows instructors to utilize this exam review format in their learning environments.

The Question
How can we empower learners and set them up for success during exam review season while lessening the burden on the instructor?

The Solution
Instructors can embrace this method of teaching in their classrooms by utilizing learner made bulbs, which allow students to create lessons that they can then share with the instructor and their classmates. The responsibility of teaching peers creates a sense of ownership for learners that leads to better performance.

An instructor can assign a specific topic to a learner or group of learners and then ask them to create a bulb that covers the content. Instructors can then copy and assign learner made bulbs to the class for individual or station asynchronous work or use our Broadcast option for an energizing live synchronous activity. This can be done with our without an LMS.

Taking the review burden off instructors allows them to focus on all of the other responsibilities that arise during the end of the semester. This, in turn, leads to a less stressful environment for both instructors and learners as they wrap things up before the holidays kick-off.

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  6. Nestojko, J.F., Bui, D.C., Kornell, N. et al. Mem Cogn (2014) 42: 1038. https://doi.org/10.3758/s13421-014-0416-z