PlayPosit 3.0 Feature Highlight: Broadcast

Our office is pretty excited about the new feel of PlayPosit 3.0. We've made some changes to what our Free and Pro plans deliver as well as some updates on how you get around the platform. But what we're really excited about are some of our new features. We love them so much that we decided to dedicate a small blog series just to them! 
New features to engage learners

Let's talk about Broadcast

First of all, let's start with the obvious. Clickers are antiquated and we've never met a learner who enjoys using them. 

Building a broadcast bulb
Link Bulbs as Live Broadcasts

PlayPosit's Broadcast functionality feels fresh and more interactive by giving you more control and engaging learners. Broadcast allows you to project videos and audio from a screen at the front of the room while the system prompts learners with questions on their individual devices. This means that you can:

  • Control the pacing.
  • Interject with additions.
  • Foster live discussion.
  • Poll learner results from virtually any device.
  • Get immediate performance data to personalize instruction and class discussion.
  • Get group feedback for Professional Learning.

Not convinced? We think that you should try it. 
Keep an eye out for our upcoming Help Scout articles on how to utilize Broadcast.

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