Welcome to PlayPosit 3.0!

We’ve been working hard over the past several months to redesign all aspects of the PlayPosit experience, and are pleased to announce that on Monday, February 25th, we’ll be releasing PlayPosit 3.0 to all of our free users! When you next log in on February 25th, you might see some notable differences in the PlayPosit Designer, Player, and Dashboard, including:

Hotspot interactions

You can now set interactions to appear in "hotspots," or video overlays, to better control when and how your learners interact with a video.

Gallery templates 

Choose from a set of templates to apply multiple interactions over an entire video for pre- and post-assessments, learner feedback, and more!

Interaction templates

You can easily apply certain formatted interactions at a specific time in your video for pop quizzes, checking your learners' understanding (or attention), or vocabulary definitions.

Easier editing of multiple video segments

When you have multiple videos in a bulb, you can now see and edit them all at once as a single video stream, allowing for a faster and more intuitive editing process.

Unified teacher and student dashboards 

We've updated the teacher and student dashboards to let you see your content all at once without having to switch into different views!

Student notes

Students can now take timestamped notes at any point in the video, and export them for subsequent review.

New player sidebar

Access interactions, student notes, bulb progress and status information, and transcripts from a single place!

You can read this help article to learn more about how to get started with PlayPosit 3.0.

We’re so excited to share this new experience with you! Since this is beta, not everything will be perfect yet. That’s why we’re asking for your help and feedback to make PlayPosit 3.0 even better! We look forward to seeing what you create.