PlayPosit: Partnering with YOU to offer relevant units for immediate use

Last week, as I was eating dinner with my family, we began chatting about the 2018 Midterm Elections. In my state, we were able to vote early and we took our kids. This experience led to many, many questions every night at the dinner table, in the car, and at bedtime. It made me wonder how their teachers were responding to their curiosity. I often think adults underestimate what kids overhear and how they process information they don’t yet fully understand.

So, I sat down and used the power of PlayPosit to create a unit on voting and elections in the United States, specifically to use before and after the Midterms. I shared this unit with many of our K-12 teachers and instructional coaches and encouraged them to copy and assign it to foster discussion about how our country works and the role we play in participatory democracy.

Teachers are busy and it can be difficult to find time and resources for covering topics like the 2018 Midterm Elections. Our team at PlayPosit is hard at work creating more units to share with our clients to help ease some of the burden for our teachers. If you didn’t already, check out the following unit, and then copy it, edit it, share it, use it:

What topics would you like future units to cover? Do you want to chat about how you are currently using or want to use PlayPosit in your teaching? Please share ideas with me by clicking here.