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    Want to know more? Check out this resource on online seminars!



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    • Social support includes sharing personal experiences and anecdotes, providing emotional support and community-building, all of which are important in building trust and an atmosphere that encourages open communication.


    • Task management includes responsibility for planning and managing coursework. This can be accomplished through discussions about upcoming assignments, showing relevant examples, modeling expectations, sharing templates, and discussing elements in grading rubrics and performance assessment.


    • Information exchange includes the asking and answering content-related questions, facilitating discussions, disseminating relevant content, and providing activities to support the course outcomes by using tools that will enhance learning.

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    How will you use reflection in your own seminars?

    What about using this mind mapping resource?



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    Another resource on engaging students and building online community! 



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    Under Information Exchange, Planning should include:


      • Know the key elements of each unit
      • Teach what we really want students to know


    • Be flexible


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    All of the supports shared in this training could be used in creating flipped seminar materials. The content for seminars can serve as the foundation of your ‘flip’!  Look for the example later!



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    The five best practices for enhancement of seminar are: 


    • Planning

    • Delivery

    • Timeline

    • Learning Activities

    • Follow Up

    • Acting Training


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    Use tools like Evernote to house announcement and email templates for your courses.   



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    Planning for Seminar: Timeline Worksheet



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    Did you know all the images and videos shown here are free from pixabay?



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    Did you know this video was made from PlayPosit, a great interactive learning tool!  



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    Follow the link for an example of a flipped classroom mini-lesson given to students before a seminar.



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    The synchronous seminars provided by PG offer valuable opportunities for learners to engage in an extended learning community with their instructor and classmates.  The three characteristics of highly effective seminars: Social Support, Task Management, & Information Exchange should be regarded as key instructional expectations to be widely demonstrated as you plan for and deliver seminars.



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    The best practices are offered to guide the faculty toward the effective delivery of seminar events.

    It should be noted that the list offers wide-ranging guidance for the delivery of synchronous events consistent with the higher learning setting.  You are encouraged to consider the following practices as you strive to enhance the efficacy of synchronous events under your purview.



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