Get Immediate Student Feedback with PlayPosit

Students provide immediate feedback using PlayPosit embedded questions in a flipped Chemistry Class.
By David Palladino
iPrep Academy

The Challenge

I Preparatory Academy is a Magnet School in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Our principal is nationally recognized Superintendent of the Year, Alberto M. Carvalho. The Vision of Mr. Carvalho for our school is providing an environment where students are 21st Century learners. Each student is provided with a MacBook Air facilitating this goal. In the Fall of 2012, I was asked to create a flipped Chemistry program at our school. During the first year of this new paradigm, I became aware that I did not have a way to monitor student engagement with the videos I provided. I became aware of PlayPosit and fully implemented it during the following school year.

The Solution
PlayPosit allows me to check my students understanding of the concepts presented in the videos with both multiple choice questions and extended response questions. This helps me know where my students are in the journey to understanding important Chemistry concepts. PlayPosit provides a tool for delivery of content and for formative assessment. I am able to pinpoint areas that may need more thorough review in class, based on student responses. I use the analytic features to quickly determine if a large or small number of students understood a given concept.

The Result
PlayPosit is an effective presentation platform of course content. PlayPosit allows me to gain insight into student understanding and facilitates the creation of more class time for hands on activity and project based learning. PlayPosit allows me to move the lecture and formative assessment out of the classroom. I now am able to spend more time with individual students helping them understand chemical concepts fully. I am able to utilize more class time for hands on activities, which ensure that I am able to offer opportunities to students with different learning styles to fully engage with the topic at hand. Additionally, I can monitor students working in groups during class. This allows students to have peer and teacher support with activities they may have done in isolation at home in traditional learning environments. These changes in instruction with the use of PlayPosit have increased learning gains in my class and an increase in student engagement. Finally, PlayPosit has provided me with a timesaving tool. I am able to quickly grade these “homework” assignments. I am able to give students feedback and encouragement on a routine basis.

David Palladino
M.S. Chemistry
LEC Certified Digital Educator
Science Teacher
iPreparatory Academy