Ratifying the Constitution

Ratifying the Constitution 

Fed. vs. Anti-Fed 

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    What does Ratification mean? 

    • To formally deny a document/agreement

    • To formally approve a document/agreement

    • To formally write a document/agreement


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    Why did the founders agree that only 9 of the states were needed to ratify the new Constitution? 

    • There were only 9 states at the time that wanted to be part of the U.S.

    • They had learned from the Articles that unanimous votes don't work so they decided on 9.

    • They had always had the rule that 9 of the 13 were needed to make decisions so they kept with that.


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    Who opposed the ratification of the Constitution? 

    • Federalist

    • Anti-federalist

    • Congress

    • George Washington


  4. 00:04:37 

    What were the 85 essays that were printed in newspapers and later put into a book supporting the Constitution? 

    • The Anti-federalist (papers)

    • The Federalist (papers)

    • Punlius

    • The Constitution Propoganda


  5. 00:04:39 

    What name was printed in the papers as the author of the Federalist essays? 

    • Alexander Hamilton

    • George Washington

    • Publius

    • The Patriots


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    What state's approval was 'absolutely necessary' to the ratification of the Constitution? 

    • Ohio

    • New York

    • Maine

    • Connecticut


  7. 00:05:57 

    What did the First Congress do when they met in 1789? 

    • Elected George Washington as President

    • Created a Bill of Rights 

    • Made the first Cabinet positions.

    • All of the above


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    Who thought the Articles of Confederation just needed amended and opposed the Constitution? 

    • Federalist

    • Anti-Federalist


  9. 00:06:02 

    Who was in favor of a Strong National Government? 

    • Federalist

    • Anti-Federalist


  10. 00:06:03 

    Who thought that the Legislative Branch needed to have more power than the Executive branch so that the President wouldn't become 'King-like'? 

    • Federalist

    • Anti-Federalist


  11. 00:06:05 

    Who felt there was no need for a Bill of Rights because the states already had their own? 

    • Federalist

    • Anti-Federalist


  12. 00:06:06 

    Who felt there should be a loose interpretation of the Constitution? 

    • Federalist

    • Anti-federalist


  13. 00:06:08 

    Who drew support from small farmers and rural areas? 

    • Federalist

    • Anti-Federalist


  14. 00:06:14 

    Who was in favor of a National Bank? 

    • Federalist

    • Anti-Federalist


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