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Business Letters 

Learn to Correctly Format Business Letters 

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    When you do not indent paragraphs it is called block style. There are three types of indentation:

    1. Block 
      1.  No indent
    2. Indented
      1. Indent 5 spaces using the tab key
    3. Hanging indent
      1. Used for works cited pages and bibliographies
      2. All lines EXCEPT the first are indented. 
      3. There is a MS Word feature that does this for you DO NOT USE THE TAB KEY


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    What is the address called here? 

    • the return address

    • the receiver's address


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    DO NOT skip a line, he is actually incorrect here.  


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    There are actually two types of punctuation used in Business letters after the salutation.

    The first is called Mixed Punctuation- this is when you use a colon after the salutation.

    The second is called Open Punctuation- this is when NO punctuation is used after the salutation.

    The type he is using here is Mixed Punctuation.



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    Notice he used a comma after the complimentary close, this is called Mixed Punctuation.

    There is also Open Punctuation- this is when NO punctuation is used after the complimentary close.



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    By skipping three lines, he is: 

    • quadruple spacing by hitting enter four times

    • triple spacing by hitting enter three times


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    The title, if you have one, like CEO should be typed on the line directly below the author's keyed name. 


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    If you are sending a copy to someone other than whom you are writing, you add a copy notation. This guy is actually wrong, it should look like:

    c: Better Business Bureau

    Notice the c is lowercase and not two c's but one 


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    You are going to actually do this assignment so pay attention. 


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    Use Times New Roman size 12pt font for this class. 


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    Open Microsoft Word and set your margins to:

    Top: 2 Inches

    Left: 1 Inch

    Bottom: 1 Inch

    Right: 1 Inch

    Hint: the margins settings are under the layout tab.

    Then type this address and today's date on the line immediately below the address. Do not skip a line.



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    Pay attention to the scenario. 


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    Notice the name of the business that you are writing to, the Mall, and the date that the incident occurred.  


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    Pause and read this scenario. 


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    Did you get the whole scenario? 


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    You should NEVER do that! 


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