The Atlantic Slave Trade

The Atlantic Slave Trade 

Better understand how the Atlantic Slave trade impacted the world. 

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  1. 00:01:12 

    What percentage of slaves that were brought to the America's were brought to the United States area? 

    • 41 Percent

    • 48 Percent

    • 100 percent

    • 5 Percent


  2. 00:01:50 

    T or F: The goods that slaves were used to grow were essential to living. 

    • True

    • False


  3. 00:02:03 

    A misconception many people have about slaves is the following: (meaning what people think is true but actually isn't true). 

    • That Asian people captured slaves in Africa and sold them to Americans.

    • That Europeans captured Africans themselves and brought them to America.

    • That Africans captured each other and sold/traded them to Europeans.


  4. 00:02:18 

    Why wouldn't Europeans be ale to just conquer Africans and take them into slavery? 

    • That is what they did so they were able to conquer them.

    • They were too powerful to conquer.

    • Europeans easily conquered Africans because Africa was weak.

    • Africans had guns and could defend themselves too well.


  5. 00:02:31 

    What did Africans who had captured other Africans trade those Africans for? 

    • They did not capture each other for trade.

    • Africans traded with people from Asia for gunpowder.

    • Africans traded other Africans with Europeans in exchange for metal tools, guns and textiles.


  6. 00:03:07 

    On average, how much space did each slave have on the ship? 

    • 10 sq. ft.

    • Enough to fit their body comfortably. 

    • 4 sq. ft.

    • 7 sq. ft.


  7. 00:03:23 

    What were slaves treated like when they were sold and purchased? 

    • Humans

    • Cattle

    • Indentured Servants


  8. 00:04:12 

    T or F: The slavery he is talking about is what happened in the United States? 

    • True

    • False


  9. 00:04:29 

    What was the average life expectancy of a slave on a Brazilian sugar plantation? 

    • 50 years

    • 25 years

    • 23 years

    • They lived long happy lives.


  10. 00:04:41 

    What was on way conditions were better in America than in Brazil? 

    • Slave population increased naturally meaning more slaves were born than died.

    • Slaves were treated better by their owners because their owners were more caring.

    • There was no difference between the treatment of slaves in America and in Brazil.


  11. 00:05:03 

    T or F: Because only 5 percent of African slaves that were brought to the Americas came to the US, that means the slave population in the US was small. 

    • True

    • False


  12. 00:05:41 

    What does Chattel Slavery mean? 

    • They were treated poorly.

    • They were movable property.

    • Slaves were able to hold high positions in society.

    • That is just the name it was given.


  13. 00:07:13 

    Which of the following words/phrases does he NOT use to describe slavery? 

    • removed from their culture

    • suffers from social death

    • Given a choice

    • Dehumanized


  14. 00:07:26 

    I am forgiving him for saying the 'S' word, you are still not allowed to use it! 


  15. 00:08:41 

    What role does the Bible play in slavery? 

    • It talks about slaves sometimes.

    • People use the story of Ham to justify using African's as slaves.

    • The Bible doesn't mention slavery so they think that means slavery is allowed.


  16. 00:09:39 

    T or F: Americans were the first civilization to use slaves. 

    • True

    • False


  17. 00:10:35 

    T or F: It is easy to blame slavery on one group of people. 

    • True

    • False


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