How PlayPosit is Revolutionizing

How PlayPosit is Revolutionizing Online Courses

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Why PlayPosit is becoming instructors’ go-to for their interactive video needs in distance learning courses

The way we see and absorb educational information is changing more now than it ever has before. Traditional 800-page textbooks are being swapped out for PDFs that students can access on their iPads or smartphones; homework now takes shape through online discussion posts rather than take-home worksheets; teachers gauge student engagement through text-in polls that show statistical breakdown of students’ comfort with a lesson’s content.

The list of technological innovations that are taking shape within -- and forever changing -- the traditional classroom goes on and on.

This is perhaps most true in online classrooms: the newer, more innovative learning environment that schools across the globe are readily implementing, especially at the higher education level. Instructors of distance learning classes are quickly turning to interactive video for the changing needs of their online classrooms -- here are a few reasons why PlayPosit is becoming the most effective tool for any online instructor’s interactive video needs.

Employ Different Strategies to Captivate Students 

PlayPosit’s eight different interactions give instructors a wide variety of ways to keep their students engaged. With embeddable interactions ranging from traditional multiple choice questions to automatically graded fill-in-the-blanks, PlayPosit provides instructors of online courses with the tools they need to best captivate their students. These interactions can transform any traditional, one-sided video into an active learning experience for online students.

Many online students are learning from the comfort (and easily distractible location) of their own homes, and their main vehicle of learning -- their computers -- can also be a source of distraction. This means that the instructors of online courses not only have to find teaching techniques and resources that will help them overcome not being able to physically see how their students are understanding lessons, but they also have to find ways to keep their class material exciting enough to compete with the pressures of Facebook and texting.

PlayPosit’s many interactions help solve these problems by allowing instructors to create educational videos that require students to change their tasks and focus quickly, better reinforcing long-term learning. PlayPosit also offers a Discussion Forum which, like Facebook or texting, revolves around students communicating with their peers and showcasing their individual thoughts and opinions.

These aspects of PlayPosit’s platform successfully empower online instructors and students to make the most of their interactive lessons in ways that have not been achieved before in online learning environments.

Increase Targeted Communication with Students

PlayPosit also allows instructors to give students immediate feedback on their understanding of any lesson’s content. It eliminates the communication gap in online learning by providing learners with instant feedback. After completing even a single question on a bulb, students will know whether or not they’re on the right track.

This will help instructors combat the issue that often surfaces due to online classes’ lack of face-to-face communication: a delay in gauging students’ understanding of class material. The time gap between when students engage with lessons and when they have to complete the assignments or discussion posts associated with them can be too long, not giving instructors the chance to focus on areas that students are struggling with most before graded assignments arise.

With PlayPosit, students are cognizant of their progress as every lesson unfolds. This is an invaluable tool that will guide students’ learning as they go, making online courses customizable to any student’s learning speed and style.

Harness Data to Customize Distance Learning

Finally, instructors receive immediate, targeted feedback on student performance in the form of real-time, easy-to-comprehend analytics. PlayPosit’s platform provides instructors with impactful data on their students’ performance on bulbs. Teachers can access a data-based dashboard for their bulbs where they can see individual students’ progress and answer choices as soon as the students complete a question.

With this information, instructors further prevent their online classrooms from following a “one size fits all” trend. They can adjust their lessons and other learning content to fit students’ learning needs, and they are able to do so as the students’ learning patterns change.

Analytics as targeted and accessible as PlayPosit’s make it easy for instructors to reflect. It helps them recognize what is and isn’t working with their teaching styles, which is something surprisingly difficult about online courses in general. These analytics give instructors the tangible tools to enact whatever changes or enhancements their students need before their students face higher stakes learning tasks, such as exams or essays on difficult concepts.

Upgrade your Online Course

Online courses are becoming more popular as time goes on and as technology continues to progress. PlayPosit’s multifaceted interactive video platform provides online instructors with the tools and data necessary to focus on making their classes as effective and exciting as possible. Click here to access the PlayPosit platform today!