Why Enterprises Use PlayPosit

Active Video is personalized, captivating, and effective  

Interactive video and comprehensive analytics for the most engaging learning experience.

User feedback

Research shows that immediate user feedback increases long-term retention of information and changing the learning experience from passive to active triples efficacy.

Deeper engagement

PlayPosit's interactive video and comprehensive analytics allow companies to offer their employees and/or customers the most engaging learning experience by taking static modules and converting them into interactive learning experiences.

Support teams

Support teams use PlayPosit to elevate their customers' experiences through enriched video that uses proven academic strategies to increase retention and investment. With customizable pathway learning, our partners can deliver differentiated, personalized learning experiences that real-time feedback to measure the impact of interactive learning on customer satisfaction.

HR Teams and Employee Trainers

HR Teams and Employee Trainers love PlayPosit because it allows them to easily develop interactive content for employee on-boarding, skill development, and mandated trainings resulting in increased performance and productivity.

How PlayPosit engages employees

Rather than having employees to simply listen to and memorize online video training content, PlayPosit creates a  environment where viewers demonstrate, analyze and apply concepts through enriched learning content.

PlayPosit allows content creators to enrich video with a variety of tools—short response, multiple choice, polling, fill-in the blank, check all, web embed and discussion forums—that create a highly interactive learning experience. In turn, employees receive immediate feedback (addressing misconceptions in the moment) and are guided through pathways that differentiate each learning experience based on need and expertise.

Why PlayPosit is so easy to use 

Our design platform allows content developers of all levels to create seamless, streamlined content. With minimal effort, you can repackage everything from short how-to videos to full length instructional trainings.

Access two APIs to integrate deeply within your existing system using your existing content.

  • The User API allows for user and video content management
  • The Data API provides insights into video behavior and user analytics

How PlayPosit analytics deepen employee learning

Team leaders, managers, and admins have full visibility into learning engagement across the organization, and each individual employee, by tracking effectiveness through enrollment, activity, responses and completion. This allows companies to gauge how learning impacts performance, team objectives, and business goals so they can and develop personalized learning pathways for their business needs.

For companies using PlayPosit to enrich customer engagement, PlayPosit analytics provide user insight through content hotspots, pause points and question responses. This allows content creators to tailor learning experiences to the needs of their customers.