PlayPosit Within High Tech Usage High Schools

The Challenge

Juan Diego Catholic High School (JD Catholic) in Draper, Utah is a BYOD school: students bring their own devices to school to use during class, and they have their device(s) of choice with them at all times during the school day. In short, JD Catholic has no shortage of technology in its classrooms.

With this much technology in an academic setting, however, teachers consequently face the challenge of not only learning how to best implement a variety of technologies within their classrooms, but also of finding which technology or platform best suits their specific classes’ needs. It often takes a substantial amount of time to train teachers to become familiar with these new technologies as well, often slowing instructors down in their efforts to make their classrooms as effective and useful as possible through academic technology.

The Solution

Several instructors at JD Catholic chose PlayPosit to fulfill their classrooms’ tech needs --  they wanted an easy-to-implement solution in decreasing teachers’ demands on teaching content while increasing one-on-one face time with their students during the school day. Myriah Fankhauser, the department chair of health education and the Moodle coordinator at JD Catholic, recounts how she started using PlayPosit with the intention of lessening her student’s homework load, hoping that “[her] students will be able to take the content they are learning [to] analyze and create” stronger ideas within the classroom.

The Result

Instructors found our platform seamless to implement in their classrooms. Fankhauser attests that PlayPosit’s intuitive, versatile nature was a big win for her and other teachers at JD Catholic: “We love that PlayPosit can be interacted among a variety of Learning Management Systems. Our school mainly uses G-Suite for Education and Moodle, so the fact that a teacher who uses Moodle can implement [PlayPosit] as easy as a teacher who uses Google Classroom is invaluable to us.”

PlayPosit is a straightforward learning tool that can assist any school or group in streamlining their tech usage and goals in the classroom. Taking just minutes to upload videos and add interactions alongside functioning among a multitude of Learning Management Systems, our platform simplifies the process of revolutionizing online learning and successfully flipping classrooms. JD Catholic made a smart decision in choosing PlayPosit as a solution for its innovative tech needs.