How PlayPosit increases learner dialogue in online courses

Located in beautiful Fort Collins, CO, Colorado State University (CSU) is one of the states largest public universities. Offering 150+ across eight different colleges, including several graduate programs, CSU is known and a leading research university.

The College of Business recently got ranked 19th in the world for its online MBA program, and 12th in the nation. The college provides a top tier business education to all of its learners taking courses, whether in person or remotely. 

The Challenge

Professors needed a way to actively engage and monitor students who were viewing extended lectures via an online course.

The Solution

PlayPosit allowed instructors to embed questions and access data analytics, but more importantly it enabled the incorporation of discussion forums to mimic traditional classroom dialogue and encourage asynchronous student participation.

The Result

Student engagement has grown resulting in an increased rate of lesson completion and material retention. Furthermore, instructors are able to monitor student progress to better identify and reinforce areas that students struggle with.

The Story

Colorado State University’s College of Business is a pioneer with online and digital learning. However, instructors were finding that their lecture capture content--some ranging from an hour to an hour and a half in length--was difficult to monitor in regards to student engagement. In fact, several instructors noted that simply delivering videos to students was creating a passive learning behavior where students were struggling to engage with the content.

The search for a video driven tech tool stopped once they discovered PlayPosit. Instructors were able to incorporate their already recorded lectures and embed interactions within them to keep students engaged. The data from the PlayPosit lessons also allowed instructors to see student responses to questions and notice areas of weakness or confusion.

Furthermore, through the use of specific tools such as the Discussion Forum, instructors were also able to cultivate student dialogue around their lessons. Not only were students interacting with the lecture by answering questions, but they actually engaged in conversations about the material presented with their peers.

The goal of the College of Business is not to replace face to face learning, but rather to support and empower instructors to push the qualities of a traditional instruction into the online realm. Instructors have appreciated the breadth of questions and interactions they can use when crafting a lesson with PlayPosit, and they enjoy the access to rich analytics and data for each student, lesson, and course.

At CSU’s College of Business, student engagement has increased, and the risk of a passive learning experience has quickly diminished. Students are better grasping material and are benefiting from the ability to interact with peers even though they are taking lessons asynchronously.