alexander the great... ?

alexander the great... ? 

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    Which was NOT a reason he thinks people crave fame? 

    • money

    • to leave a legacy

    • to be remembered

    • to be great


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    Modern historians stopped using the word great when referring to people because one man's great is another man's ________. 

    • terrible

    • treasure

    • meh

    • mentor


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    What incredible feat did he accomplish at the age of 13? 

    • took the throne

    • married a princess

    • led a military expedition

    • tamed a wild horse no one could ride


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    Which of these was not listed as something Alexander was famous for? 

    • speedy expansion of his empire

    • was an accomplished general

    • defeating the city state of Carthage

    • never lost a battle


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    What is the first reason/theory as to why Alexander is considered great? 

    • his accomplishments

    • he was king of the world

    • he was held up by Atlas

    • the horse he tamed was magic


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    Besides the absence of women, what is another flaw given in the theory that greatness is equated with the deeds of great men? 

    • some events have no human cause

    • dirty deeds were done dirt cheap

    • contributions of children aren't listed

    • animals like Bucephalus are excluded


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    Alexander did what the Athenians and Spartans couldn't do...  

    • he stood on the shores of Britain

    • he won a laurel wreath at the Olympics

    • he successfully invaded Afghanistan

    • he destroyed the Persian Empire


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    Historians argue whether his success on the battlefield was due to his strategic brilliance or his advanced ___________. 

    • weapon technology

    • age

    • intelligence/IQ level

    • military philosophy


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    For someone who's supposed to be great, why isn't Alexander seen as a good empire builder? 

    • he was unkind to people

    • he had a lot of wives

    • he promoted by nepotism rather than merit

    • he tore down institutions, but didn't leave a replacement


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    After his death, his empire broke into 3 parts, collectively called the _________. 

    • Hellenistic Kingdoms

    • British Empire

    • Romanov Dynasty

    • Greco-Roman Territories


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    Which was not one of the empires left after his death? 

    • Ptolemies

    • Selucids

    • Antigonids

    • Phoenicians


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    The second theory for Alexander's greatness was his ________. 

    • impact after death

    • winning smile

    • outgoing personality

    • success as a student


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    Alexander introduced the idea of ____________ to the Greco-Roman world.. .which became a pretty big deal 

    • absolute monarchy

    • constitutional monarchy

    • anarchy

    • socialism


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    The Egyptian city of Alexandria was home to _______. 

    • the most amazing library every

    • the mother of his adult children

    • miscreants and ne'er-do-wells

    • his horse Bucephalus


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    Which of these was NOT an effect of Alexander spreading Greek as the common language? 

    • New Testament written in Greek

    • facilitation of trade and communication

    • coins in Pakistan with Latin lettering

    • more efficient people in a more closely connected world


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    The third definition of or theory regarding Alexander's greatness is _______. 

    • his legend

    • his intelligence/IQ level

    • his athleticism

    • his horsemanship


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    Why were embellishments about Alexander (like his tutoring by Aristotle  and his persistent pursuit of the Persian King Darius) so easy? 

    • fake news was everywhere

    • he didn't give the press much access

    • he paid the historians

    • no accounts were written while he was alive


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    Why do people exaggerate rumors of how famous people die (as Plutarch did about Alexander's death)? 

    • we can't believe that something minor can impact a bigger than life character

    • 'no great man can die of a fever'

    • both of these ... they basically say the same thing


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    Why did Napoleon invade Egypt in the 1700's AD? 

    • he was an Alexander wannbe, so to do what he had done

    • he needed a source of sand for his glass factory

    • he wanted to use the Great Pyramid as his summer home

    • because... reasons


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    So, millennia after his death, people like Napoleon and Pompey _________ Alexander was great. They chose to admire and emulate him. 

    • decided

    • learned

    • discovered

    • argued


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    Which of these is NOT something John mentions as a problem with our obsession with greatness? 

    • it wrongly implies history is made primarily by men

    • it wrongly implies history is made only by celebrated people

    • it wrongly implies that history is made at night


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    Wrong ideas about what makes implies greatness makes us all want to be  

    • aristocrats

    • celebrities

    • dictators

    • Batman


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    Even though we've left behind the idea that the best way to become great is by butchering people  and conquering land, the __________ we've embraced instead aren't necessarily worth celebrating either 

    • ideals

    • alternate facts

    • pop culture fads

    • seven deadly sins


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    Ultimately, we decide what to __________, what to care about and what to pay attention to. 

    • worship

    • write about

    • wear 

    • want for


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    John's statement, 'Alexander couldn't make history in a vacuum... and neither can anyone else.' is a way of stating that the title in question (great) can't happen without any connection to other people or events.  It is influenced by culture and society.  So by that reasoning then, which of these is the true definition of or reason for greatness? 

    • choice

    • legend

    • accomplishments

    • impact after death


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