Activated Classroom Teaching

Activated Classroom Teaching 

Identify issues and solutions to teaching with technology 

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    I am using Playposit to make watching this video a whole lot more engaging. This is a great tool that allows you to overlay interactivity on videos. Rather than videos simply being used for passive consumption, we can use the video as a content piece around which we engage in conversation, correction and more. We will learn more about these ACT pedagogies in this video.

    During this lesson, we will look at the issues with current approaches to edtech, and then at a possible solution. You will get opportunities to stop and pause, and engage with the content. So stay alert! You're about to get @CTIVATED! 


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    What do you think the difference between these two photos illustrates?

    Does it say something good or bad about society?

    What does it mean for our classrooms? 


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    How many hours do teens spend on the tech devices in a typical day? 

    • 7 hours

    • 8 hours

    • 9 hours

    • 10 hours


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    What is the mistake? 

    • Number colours are not primary colours

    • Grammar mistake

    • Zero is missing

    • It's not a binomial sequence


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    The pasted version of this is? 

    • Google

    • Wikipedia

    • YouTube

    • Facebook


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    Albert Einstein said 'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results'. 

    • True

    • False


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    What's missing in the EdTech Success Formula? 

    • Training

    • Money

    • Pedagogy

    • Management


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    Facebook is closing in on 2 billion users. That's a crazy number of users, and it is not alone. It is joined by many other social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp. So, what impact do you think these social media sites have had on how our students connect, collaborate, and ultimately learn. Think about it for a moment before going on....after all, you're experiencing the technology effect right now in your learning! 


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    If you would like to discover your ETA profile, then go here and take the short ETA test - 


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    Why have I got a photo of the Sistine Chapel on the screen? 

    • It's a collection of curated stories

    • It's very pretty

    • It's not the Sistine Chapel

    • It's a good way of showing activity


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    What are your top 3 holiday destinations in the world?

    1. ??
    2. ??
    3. ??


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    That was an example of using conversation to have a discussion around poetry. What do you think the benefits of this were to the students? 


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    The pedagogy of correction is about 

    • learning through mitsakes

    • Iearning through mistakes

    • celebrating being correct

    • learning without vulnerability


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    Research shows that creating content, as compared to consuming content results in  

    • no discernable improvement in recall

    • a 20% improvement in recall

    • a 50% improvement in recall

    • a 100% improvement in recall


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    Can you see something here? Look carefully. Don't get lost in the 'chaos'. Learning to see meaning in chaos is a vital skill. 


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    Which of these is NOT TRUE? 

    • The pedagogy of chaos develops meaning making skills 

    • The pedagogy of chaos is about letting students do anything they want in the classroom

    • The pedagogy of chaos is the most challenging of the ACT pedagogies

    • The pedagogy of chaos encourages high cognitive engagement with the goal of producing a learning artefact


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    What do you think happens when we put technology before pedagogy? 


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    You have just experienced part of the ACT approach. Rather than letting you simply Consume a video, you were engaging with the content. Which of the ACT pedagogies were you experiencing 

    • Curation

    • Correction

    • Creation

    • Chaos


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    Find out more about the Activated Classroom Teaching approach at - Become part of the education revolution! 


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