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Teacher Story - Using PlayPosit to Get Students Involved

written by Rachelle Dene Poth (@Rdene915) Over the past few years, I have looked for new, innovative ways for integrating technology into my classroom. I started by focusing on areas that I thought could improve the learning experiences and opportunities for my students.  We took small steps together, slowly adding new tools. We started with a messaging app and an LMS to open up communication and bridge the “disconnect” that I felt was occurring.  We then tried different assessment and presentation tools, to have more personalized learning and for students to have choices. There were two critical components of this process: identifying an area of need and including the students in the decisions.  Before trying anything new, I want to know that the students have an interest, that they understand why I would like to try the new method or tool, and that their feedback is valued and critical for our classroom.

There is always a risk in trying something new. Teachers take a risk by trying s…