Winners of the Challenge Cup Education and Milken Penn GSE Competition

*note this is a repost from 2013
PlayPosit honored with recognition and funding from both 1776 Challenge Cup and Milken penn GSE competition. The D.C. based 1776 rewarded PlayPosit with $100K in investment for taking first prize in the education category. The very same week, the team travelled to Philadelphia for the Milken Penn GSE competition where they won the McGraw Hill Open Ed award and earned a $15,000 grant.
As the 1776 website describes, the competition aims to "identify the most promising start ups in the world tackling the biggest challenges" in the health, education, energy, and smart cities categories. Last week, the winners from cities all over the world convened in Washington D.C. to compete in the national and international finals for their respective categories. After winning the domestic category (and being guaranteed a 50K investment), PlayPosit went head to head against the Iraeli based - an impressive language learning application with 130000 downloads in its first month - and won.
Within the same week, PlayPosit competed in the Milken-Penn GSE Business Plan Competition for funding from seven different prizes. Among which, the McGraw-Hill education prize is given to the company that best leverages open source content for the experience of learning. eduCanon was awarded this prize for its ability to support the growth of educators and students using OER.
It was a big week for the PlayPosit team. Co-founder, Swaroop Raju, noted that these investments “will help PlayPosit expand its team, accelerate the company’s growth, and establish itself as the leader in the interactive video space”.