CA- 7-1 Video Tutorial: Microsoft Excel Basics

CA- 7-1 Video Tutorial: Microsoft Excel Basics 

Work along with the Excel Basics video tutorial, and create your own Gradebook.  

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  1. 00:01:43 

    What is the bar in the upper left-hand corner called that is always available? 


  2. 00:01:46 

    What is the bar that runs across the whole screen called that is made up of tabs and groups? 


  3. 00:01:51 

    What is the bar in the lower right-hand corner called that can help us view our workbook closer or further? 


  4. 00:02:54 

    Excel is a program made up of       within a      . 

    • worksheets, workbook

    • workbook, worksheets

    • cells, table

    • rows, column


  5. 00:04:04 

    Which is NOT true about Excel? 

    • It is very similar to Tables in Word

    • Made of columns and rows

    • Cells are the intersection of a column and row

    • All are true about Excel


  6. 00:04:27 

    J9 is a location of a cell in a worksheet.  What does the J (or letter) stand for? 

    • Row

    • Column

    • Sheet

    • Cell


  7. 00:04:35 

    Write an example of a cell location/reference in a worksheet 


  8. 00:05:04 

    The only way to see if a cell is active (selected) is by looking in the Name Box. 

    • True

    • False


  9. 00:05:27 

    Where does my text appear when I type in a cell in Excel? 

    • Formula Bar

    • In the cell

    • A & B

    • None of the above


  10. 00:05:33 

    Navigating Excel is the same as navigating a table in Word (except for Enter). 

    • True

    • False


  11. 00:08:39 

    I am typing in cell C4, and my text runs into/overlaps into cell D4.  The next cell I should type in is F4. 

    • True

    • False


  12. 00:09:00 

    How do I 'Autofit' my cells in Excel like I did in Word with my tables? 


  13. 00:10:09 

    When entering data, I should type out %, $, or .00's 

    • True

    • False


  14. 00:12:13 

    If I want to insert a new column/row, I right click on the column/row, and the new column/row will be inserted         the current column/row. 

    • Before/Above

    • After/Below

    • You can't insert new columns/rows


  15. 00:12:47 

    To select a cell or range of cells, I need to see            

    • Crosshair

    • Chunky Plus

    • Skinny Plus

    • Pointer


  16. 00:13:34 

    Which is true about the following? 

    • Skinny plus moves cells, crosshair copies cells

    • Crosshair moves cells, skinny plus copies cells

    • Chunky plus moves cells, skinny plus copies cells

    • Skinny plus selects cells, chunky plus moves cells


  17. 00:14:15 

    I can format text the same in Excel as in Word. 

    • True

    • False


  18. 00:14:50 

    To squish a bunch of cells together, I use         . 

    • Split

    • Merge & Center

    • Autofit

    • Cell Style


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