Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 

Analyze literature and media interpretations of literature 

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  1. 00:04:05 


    What year was he born? 

    • 1846

    • 1856

    • 1866

    • 1876


  2. 00:06:40 

    What is the reaction of the board to Dr. Jekyll's research? 

    • They think it is worth pursuing.

    • They think it is a joke.

    • They think it is a great idea.

    • They want him to take an assistant to help him. 


  3. 00:07:02 

    What is it that he has applied for the use of? 

    • The use of the hospital.

    • The use of the hospital's laboratory. 

    • The use of the emergency ward. 

    • The use of a human guinea pig.


  4. 00:09:39 

    What is her name? 

    • Maple

    • Mabel

    • May Ellen

    • May Bee


  5. 00:11:27 

    Why did the man want Dr. Jekyll's staff to hire the young woman? 

    • Because she was hungry

    • Because she was sleeping on the street

    • Because he was promoting help for the poor

    • All of the above


  6. 00:13:02 

    What does Jekyll believe? 

    • That there are two beings inside of every person that struggle against one another. 

    • That each person needs to atone for the wrong that they do.

    • That everyone at the dinner table are worthless and against him. 

    • That there is a werewolf waiting to attack those that leave early. 


  7. 00:13:55 

    What is Dr. Jekyll's goal? 

    • To separate the good from the evil so that all evil can be removed from mankind. 

    • To give the good side of a person a specific time and place to come out. 

    • To allow the evil side of a person to come out only upon the appearance of a full moon.

    • all of the above. 


  8. 00:16:05 

    Thus far, how has the beginning of the film and the novel been different? 


  9. 00:19:54 

    How does the musical score add to the mood of this scene? 

    • It adds to it to show that this is a happy scene.

    • It adds to the suspense and darkness of the scene. 

    • It helps the viewer to know that the werewolf is about to enter the scene!

    • None of the above


  10. 00:21:12 

    Does this door reflect the similar description of the 'door' in the novel? If yes, how? (Select A or B) If no, why not? (Select C or D). 

    • Yes, because one can tell that this is a home of wealth. 

    • Yes, because one can clearly see that it is brown with a brass door knocker, as described in the book.

    • No, because the door in the book was described as a dark and dreary door where homeless people might strike a match against it. 

    • No, because it isn't brown like the one in the book was described with the brass door knocker.


  11. 00:21:51 

    What news does the note deliver to Dr. Jekyll? 

    • That he would not have a human subject to do the experiment.

    • That Mr. Hyde would arrive the next day. 

    • That the Cubs won the World Series!

    • That his sponsorship from the hospital came through.


  12. 00:22:54 

    Come on, is this a wise choice? 


  13. 00:23:12 

    What effect was just used there to help contribute to the darkness and mood of this scene?! 


  14. 00:25:05 

    What does Ned know that the others do not? 


  15. 00:31:20 

    How did Ned come to have that handful of change? 

    • He had it in his pocket and was on his way to the opera.

    • He stole it from Mr. Hyde.

    • He got it from Dr. Jekyll to keep his mouth shut.

    • He took it from the werewolf while the man was changing into a wolf. 


  16. 00:33:11 

    How do the film makers help us to understand that this is Mr. Hyde? 


  17. 00:42:33 

    So where does the young servant girl go after everyone else goes to bed at night? 


  18. 00:46:36 

    So the dark side starts to show even when he is NOT taking the serum! I think it is interesting here because this is how real life works! When we give in to our darker and more base desires and choices, it gets ever easier to make the choices that lead to ruin and destruction! 


  19. 00:51:32 

    So still at this point, what does Dr. Jekyll believe about his work? 

    • He believes that he can control the dark side. 

    • He believes that it is transferrable. 

    • He believes that the werewolf transformation can be controlled. 

    • None of the above.


  20. 00:52:22 

    Uh oh... what is Ned really saying here? 

    • He is trying to tell Dr. Jekyll that the real Mr. Hyde passed away at the asylum.

    • He is trying to get Dr. Jekyll to allow him to date the new servant girl. 

    • He is trying to blackmail him and get more money. 

    • He is trying to get Dr. Jekyll use the werewolf serum on him so that he will never die. 


  21. 00:55:32 

    How does this scene correspond with the book version? 

    • It is an accurate description of the same scene in the book version. 

    • It is not very similar because Hyde does not purposefully drop the girl to the ground. 

    • It is similar because the book discussed how the horses trampled over the girl. 

    • All of the above are true. 


  22. 00:56:41 

    Are the people depicted here more concerned with the welfare of the child or their own greed? 

    • There own greed. 

    • The girl's welfare. 

    • The werewolf is about to attack now... he will explode with a roar out of the crowd!

    • None of the above. 


  23. 00:58:18 

    Anyone know what kind of birds these are? I think these are love birds but there is some imagery that one is supposed to consider with birds. For one, the birds might represent the boundary between life and death. For this scene, this would be appropriate.  


  24. 01:02:24 

    Okay, quickly make a prediction. What is going to happen next? 


  25. 01:06:06 

    So, what do you think... is she right? Is love the key to forgiveness? 


  26. 01:14:06 

    When Hyde visits her mother he... 

    • he becomes mean and evil

    • he tries to help her to recover from her illness

    • he turns into the werewolf.

    • none of the above. 


  27. 01:14:46 

    Do you think, in general, people feel 'euphoric' when they allow their evil side to dominate? How long does the euphoria last?  


  28. 01:18:43 

    What weapon was used to kill Sir Danvers? 

    • A baseball bat

    • he was strangled

    • a walking cane

    • a werewolf bite


  29. 01:35:36 

    After reading the novel and seeing this version of the story, in what ways did this filmmaker change the version from the book? 


  30. 01:35:41 

    In what ways has this version adhered to the original book version of the story? 


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