We have a new name!

eduCanon is now PlayPosit
Same product. Same team. Same awesome experience.
As we grow, we wanted a name that grows with us. Over the years we've evolved from just a canon of video lessons to a whole, new interactive medium - a dynamic environment for instructors to play engaging videos and posit accountable questions.

With this name evolution, all of your bulbs, class groupings, and student data remain intact. We will continue to do what we can to help you blend and flip your classroom. In fact, find below some of the awesome new features we're releasing with the name change.

The Latest and Greatest

1. Video Channels - Curated Lists of Quality Videos to use in your Class

Video channels are a great way to find raw, engaging videos to build a playposit bulb from. More than that, they give you an easy venue to see what other educators have done with a video that interests you.

See this video for a full walkthrough of Video Channels:


2. Quicker Access to Bulb Student Data 
Now with just two clicks you can access all student data for a given bulb. Simply navigate to your bulbs tab and click the triple dots to pull up the Monitor data for your video lesson.

3. Deeper Integrations
No matter the Learning Management System your school is using, we have an integration in place. For teachers and students at schools that partner with playposit, we will integrate their existing LMS login credentials - no new logins to manage. More than that, we even offer gradebook integrations to pass your playposit student scores back to your existing gradebook. To learn more about our powerful integrations, reach out to partnerships@playposit.com.