Activity 2

Activity 2 

Determine the influence of societies of the past on contemporary life in Canada. 

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  1. 00:03:19 

    Describe the development of the world's first irrigation system. 

    Why is this development important to contemporary life in Canada? 


  2. 00:04:33 

    What was the purpose or function of the Nileometre? 


  3. 00:04:52 

    What were the three seasons developed by the Ancient Egyptians? 


  4. 00:05:50 

    What did the Ancient Egyptians use to track the years? 


  5. 00:06:25 

    What were the obelisks and what were they used for? 


  6. 00:07:10 

    How did the portable sundials work? What did the Ancient Egyptians learn about time and how is this similar to what we know today? 


  7. 00:09:35 

    What do the burial sites (square or beehive shaped) of the Ancient Egyptians resemble? 


  8. 00:10:29 

    What was a mastabas? 


  9. 00:11:15 

    The curved ceilings of mastabas was one of the earliest uses of what mathematical technique? 

    • Calculus

    • Trigonometry

    • Geometry


  10. 00:15:26 

    What was papyrus and what is its significance today? 


  11. 00:17:18 

    What was the historical significance of Imhotep of Ancient Egypt? 


  12. 00:18:27 

    What did the Ancient Egyptians learn from the construction of pyramids? 


  13. 00:18:57 

    What mathematical formula (that we still use today) did the Ancient Egyptians have a basic understanding of thousands of years ahead of its time? 

    • Binomial Theorem

    • Pythagorean Theorem

    • Quadratic Reciprocity


  14. 00:32:49 

    What tools did the Ancient Egyptians use to build the pyramids and how do they resemble the tools we still use today? 


  15. 00:35:09 

    What did the Ancient Egyptians construct in order to transport the blocks of granite used to build the pyramids? 


  16. 00:39:08 

    How is archaeology helpful in understanding who the people were that constructed the pyramids? 


  17. 00:40:08 

    What ancient technologies of construction are still used in modern Egypt today? 


  18. 00:41:39 

    What were the ancient perfumed oils used for? 


  19. 00:43:19 

    What can the mummies provide insight into? 


  20. 00:46:50 

    What ancient technology was used to hollow out granite stones to create the sarcophagus? What modern technology does this ancient method resemble? 


  21. 00:48:10 

    How did Christianity lend to the decline of Ancient Egypt? 


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