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The new PlayPosit builder is here!

Create richer, more engaging videos with the new PlayPosit builderAdd multiple video clips into each bulb, chain questions together, customize student playback with advanced options, add in discussions, and much more with the new PlayPosit builder. To try out the new builder, enter the lesson editor for any of your bulbs, and click the blue pop-up notification appearing in the top right to start designing. Login and tryOverviews and walkthroughs to get you started designingVideo overview of new builder This quick, < 2 minute, YouTube walks you through the new feature sets introduced with the updated builder Tutorial: combine multiple video clips into a bulb Add multiple interactive videos as a playlist within a single bulb. Videos can be from any video source and as short or long as you desire.  Tutorial: branch answer choices with next steps Branch answer choices with the appropriate video segment to remediate misconceptions or challenge with advanced content.  Tutorial: chain questi…

Teacher Story - Using PlayPosit to Get Students Involved

written by Rachelle Dene Poth (@Rdene915) Over the past few years, I have looked for new, innovative ways for integrating technology into my classroom. I started by focusing on areas that I thought could improve the learning experiences and opportunities for my students.  We took small steps together, slowly adding new tools. We started with a messaging app and an LMS to open up communication and bridge the “disconnect” that I felt was occurring.  We then tried different assessment and presentation tools, to have more personalized learning and for students to have choices. There were two critical components of this process: identifying an area of need and including the students in the decisions.  Before trying anything new, I want to know that the students have an interest, that they understand why I would like to try the new method or tool, and that their feedback is valued and critical for our classroom.

There is always a risk in trying something new. Teachers take a risk by trying s…

PlayPosit and iOS - exciting things coming!

Apple is evolving their approach to mobile video. This means exciting changes to the experience for your students and learners that rely upon iPhones for their video delivery. With the new release of iOS 10 this September, Apple will be allowing inline video delivery on their mobile devices. 

This means the interactivity of PlayPosit will be available to your students with no installation of an iOS app. The PlayPosit team is staying on top of these updates and can't wait to improve your interactive mobile video experience.

We cannot wait for the launch!

Zaption Workday Acquisition - The PlayPosit Guide for Institutions and Districts

Update September 6: We've finished development of our migration/import tool. If you'd like to transition your content to PlayPosit, we are migrating tours for PlayPosit premium users. Please email with your Zaption standalone files to begin the process.We have created a helpful table to show you what features of Zaption are imported into PlayPosit. We are aiming to support most features near-immediately through the migration tool and our upgraded Student Viewer/Playerlist. You can view the table here. Zaption recently announced that they were eliminating their stand-alone offering and will be incorporating their interactive video feature set into Workday's finance and human relations software. As a result, Zaption intends to shut down their services by September 30. Our goal at PlayPosit is to make your transition as easy as possible. We are passionate about the use of interactive video in education and our love for educators runs deep. We know y…

Teachers Turn Pop Culture Into Engaging Online Learning Videos

As I browse through the video lessons in the PlayPosit database, I am continuously impressed by the creative ways teachers transform traditionally non-educational videos into engaging learning experiences. For me it would be hard to envision the educational value in a Katy Perry music video or a clip from a recent Simpsons Halloween special. But, of course, I should never underestimate the creativity and tech-savviness of the teacher community! Among the most interesting video lessons like this I've stumbled upon are those centered around figurative language. I believe that is because English teachers recognize the prevalence of similies, metaphors, personification, and so on throughout popular culture—recognitions that an average person will miss. So what are some ways teachers have taught these literary devices using music videos and television? In this post, we'll dive into specific video examples with embedded questions.  Also, for creative uses of TED Talk videos in the cl…

Developing a Video Solution for Low-Bandwidth Classrooms

The Challenge Most classrooms in the United States are Internet enabled. At first glance, that number seems hugely impressive. It suggests that the vast majority of students have access to broadband capabilities. The challenge is that while most classes are Internet enabled, less than half are actually Internet capable. In a speech at Mooresville Middle School in North Carolina, President Barack Obama noted that “The average American school has about the same bandwidth as the average American home, even though obviously there are 200 times as many people at school as there are at home.”  The goal of Obama’s ConnectED initiative is to equip every school in the country with high-speed broadband by 2018 at speeds greater than 100 Mbps. Given the current rate of implementation, however, that timeframe looks to be delayed. Most estimates show full school Internet capability as not feasible until at least 2021. That leaves us with at least five more years of classrooms with insufficient bro…

Winners of the Challenge Cup Education and Milken Penn GSE Competition

*note this is a repost from 2013 PlayPosit honored with recognition and funding from both 1776 Challenge Cup and Milken penn GSE competition. The D.C. based 1776 rewarded PlayPosit with $100K in investment for taking first prize in the education category. The very same week, the team travelled to Philadelphia for the Milken Penn GSE competition where they won the McGraw Hill Open Ed award and earned a $15,000 grant. As the 1776 website describes, the competition aims to "identify the most promising start ups in the world tackling the biggest challenges" in the health, education, energy, and smart cities categories. Last week, the winners from cities all over the world convened in Washington D.C. to compete in the national and international finals for their respective categories. After winning the domestic category (and being guaranteed a 50K investment), PlayPosit went head to head against the Iraeli based - an impressive language learning application with 130000 d…

Choosing the Perfect PlayPosit Package for you

PlayPosit offers three basic editions to choose from. Find below details on the package that best fits your classroom and school needs. PlayPosit Basic
This package is perfect to get a taste of the full power of PlayPosit. Create as many video bulbs (our term for videos with embedded questions) as you'd like and deliver to unlimited students. Seamlessly incorporate multiple choice, free response, and reflective pause questions into the online video of your choosing. Receive basic analytics on who watched your video and which concepts challenged your students.
PlayPosit Master Teacher Package
Engage Deeply
Embed higher order and advanced interactions into your video instruction. Advanced cropping: Video contains extraneous or inappropriate content? Remove any portion of a video with the 'skip segment' question type. Student Created Bulbs: Stimulate your students' highest Bloom's by having them act as the instructor and create their own PlayPosit bul…

How to Flip your Professional Development

A few years ago, flipped instruction, was a concept touted by only the most adventurous of educators.  Now, however, the movement has taken off from being a rare practice to an integral part of thousands of classrooms all over the world. According to research from online course provider Sophia Learning and the Flipped Learning Network, the number of teachers who have flipped a lesson has grown from 48 percent in 2012 to 78 percent in 2015. Moreover, google trend reports (see graph below) analyzing the quantity of searches for the term ‘flipped classroom’ point out that interest in this movement has grown by magnitudes within the last five years. Also within the graph below you’ll notice a relatively constant quantity of search for the term since 2013, counteracting the common criticism that the flipped classroom is a fad destined to fade away.

Along with this rapid growth of adapting flipped methodologies with classroom students, flipped instruction has recently become a mainstay for i…

PlayPosit Bookmarklet!

The PlayPosit bookmarklet empowers you to add questions into nearly any video you find online with the click of a button.  Adding, the bookmarklet is as easy as dragging the icon above to your bookmarks bar. If you are having trouble with adding the bookmarklet to your browser, I recommend thetutorial that the folks at marklets made. Now that you've added the bookmarklet, you add questions into the video by simply clicking the "Build with PlayPosit' bookmarklet you should see in your browser. For a list of video sources we recommend, check out the video sources we love. * *by using the bookmarklet on a video you acknowledge that you have the rights to use the original video in your class

We have a new name!

eduCanon is now PlayPosit
Same product. Same team. Same awesome experience. As we grow, we wanted a name that grows with us. Over the years we've evolved from just a canon of video lessons to a whole, new interactive medium - a dynamic environment for instructors to play engaging videos and posit accountable questions.

With this name evolution, all of your bulbs, class groupings, and student data remain intact. We will continue to do what we can to help you blend and flip your classroom. In fact, find below some of the awesome new features we're releasing with the name change.

The Latest and Greatest

1. Video Channels - Curated Lists of Quality Videos to use in your Class

Video channels are a great way to find raw, engaging videos to build a playposit bulb from. More than that, they give you an easy venue to see what other educators have done with a video that interests you.

See this video for a full walkthrough of Video Channels:

2. Quicker Access to Bulb Student Data 
Now with j…