Market Revolution Crash Course History

Market Revolution Crash Course History  

Students will learn about the impact of the Market Revolution  

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    When did the Market Revolution take place? 

    • Late 17th Century

    • Early to mid 1800's

    • Early 17th Century

    • Late 1800's


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    What did many people move away from in the early 1800's?  

    • many people moved from producing goods for themselves to producing for others

    • All farmers moved from producing goods for themselves to producing for others

    • People moved away from immigrants because they were scared of them


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    According to this video, did Hamilton or Jefferson win? 

    • Jefferson 

    • Hamilton 


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    What allowed for this massive shift (people moving from producing for themselves to producing for others)?  

    • Slave labor

    • Improvements in transportation and communication

    • the agrarian ideal 

    • The War of 1812 ended 


  5. 00:02:45 

    What was more important at this time, roads or canals? 

    • Roads

    • Canals 


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    What made New York the US's premier port? 

    • it linked the Great Lakes to the Hudson River

    • New York City is important 

    • The New York river know connected to the Mississippi River


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    In terms of the long-term impact, which transportation innovation was most important? 

    • Steam 

    • Railroads

    • Canals 

    • Horses


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    What was the most important innovation of the time?  

    • Steam 

    • Factories 

    • Canal

    • Railroads


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    What innovation allowed factories to be built in the midwest and not next to waterways?  

    • Wind power

    • Steam power

    • Solar power


  10. 00:06:03 

    In both cases, what did the Supreme Court encourage? 

    • The Supreme Court encouraged economic competition 

    • Make the Supreme Court more powerful than Big Business 

    • The Supreme Court tried to eliminate economic competition 


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    What happened after the Market Revolution, more people went to work or stayed home to work? 

    • stayed home to work 

    • went to work 


  12. 00:07:37 

    What is the textile industry? 

    • Clothing industry 

    • a Factory 


  13. 00:08:18 

    Working hourly and for a wage undermined the idea of Freedom which is the basis for America 

    • False


    • True


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    What is Manifest Destiny? 

    • The belief in the 1900's  that it is America's God-given right to spread out over the North American continent 

    • The belief in the 1800's  that it is America's God-given right to spread out over the North American continent 


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    Many factory owners had a hard time finding workers, who did they find to fill those jobs? 

    • Females

    • immigrants

    • slaves

    • males


  16. 00:12:06 

    What did 'Working Men's Parties' do? 

    • Protect the interest of the factory owners

    • Protect the  interests of the workers


  17. 00:12:28 

    Which group of people lost freedom because of the Market Revolution? 

    • Women and Indentured Servants 

    • Women and Slaves

    • Slaves and indentured servants 

    • Men and Women


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