Irregular Verbs in the Present Tense

Irregular Verbs in the Present Tense 

To practice using irregular verbs in Italian in the present tense. 

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  1. 00:00:15 

    Cosa vuol dire 'verbi irregolari'? 

    • irregular verbs

    • regular verbs

    • weird verbs


  2. 00:00:23 

    What are irregular verbs? 

    • Verbs that do not follow a traditional pattern.

    • Verbs that talk about things you did over the weekend.


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    Cosa vuol dire 'essere'? 

    • to be

    • to have


  4. 00:01:11 

    Come si dice 'Are you American (female)?' 

    • Sei americano?

    • Sei americana?


  5. 00:01:18 

    Cosa vuol dire 'avere'? 

    • to have

    • to be


  6. 00:01:58 

    Come si dice 'Do you have a dollar?' 


  7. 00:02:39 

    Come si dice 'I am well'? 


  8. 00:02:45 

    Come stai? 

    • Sto bene

    • Stai bene


  9. 00:03:41 

    What do you think 'Vai via!' means? 

    • How are you?

    • Go away!


  10. 00:03:50 

    Cosa vuol dire 'venire'? 

    • To come

    • To be


  11. 00:04:24 

    Write this verb chart down in your notes! This is an important verb that is also new to you. Keep in mind that 'venire' means 'to come.' 


  12. 00:05:04 

    What is the 'noi' form of the verb 'fare'? 

    • fate

    • facciamo


  13. 00:05:16 

    What is the 'loro' form of the verb 'fare'? 

    • fanno

    • faranno


  14. 00:05:34 

    What do you think 'Faccio la doccia ogni mattina' means? 

    • I do not take a shower every morning.

    • I take a shower every morning.

    • I make breakfast every morning.


  15. 00:06:23 

    Write this verb chart down in your notes as well, because this is also a new verb to you. The verb 'dire' means 'to say' in Italian. 


  16. 00:06:40 

    Come si dice 'Will you tell me what it costs?' 


  17. 00:06:51 

    This is the last verb that will be covered in this video, and since it is new to you, be sure to write down the different conjugations (forms of the verb). The verb 'sapere' means 'to know' but only when talking about information, facts, etc. You would not use the verb 'sapere' to say that you know someone. To say you know someone or are familiar with a place, use the verb 'conoscere' which is regular in the present tense. 


  18. 00:07:19 

    Come si dice 'I don't know'? 

    • Non conosco.

    • Non so.


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